Thursday, March 29, 2012

So as I was saying...

...well I guess I wasn't saying anything. How are you? There's a greeting that men have used when they greet each other. Instead of common phrases of "greetery" such as, "Hi! How are you?" or "Hey! How're you doin'?", they have been known to say, "Hey! How's it hangin'" How stupid. Don't worry I'm not going to ask.

The above is what happens when you start writing before you start thinking. This passed Sunday instead of going out to breakfast my lady friend and I went out for lunch in a New Hampshire mall. I know I'm a hopeless romantic. It was actually her suggestion. It's a very nice mall and New Hampshire has no sales tax. It's a no big deal drive 25 miles up the highway. Take an exit and turn into the parking lot. I would rather do that then take my car or public transportation and go into Boston only 5 miles away. Fast forward.  We're in Ruby Tuesday. A nice chain restaurant with the best burgers I have ever had period. Prime beef is used for these burgers.

Remember I said earlier thinking is always good before doing. It's ordering time. Arlene places her order and now it's my turn. I order the triple prime cheese burger with New York State cheddar cheese. Now this comes with fries. The waiter informs me that this dish comes with a second side and proceeds to rattle them all off. Nothing sounded appealing until he got to the last side dish.

"Yeah." I said, "I haven't had mashed potato's in a long time!" completely forgetting that thirty seconds prior I had ordered a cheese burger with fries!

The meals arrive. I looked down at my plate and remark, "Hey! Both my side dishes are potato's!"
Arlene started laughing. "I did wonder about that."

The next time I go out, apart from checking to make sure I have my keys, my wallet, money, I must remember to take the most important thing with me. My brain.

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last blog. And thank you Marge for writing the longest comment ever on one of my blogs. A compliment on writing from you means a lot to me. And I will do more about Sicily and Italy. I also went back 9 years later. There are a good amount of pictures from both trips. 

To wrap this whole extravaganza up I have a little video. Last week I was in my store and I walked by an Easter display. You know the fake plastic Easter eggs. By the way how does a rabbit end up hiding dyed chicken egg on Easter? I have digressed. The baskets.
Those awful little yellow marshmallow chicks and so on. On the top shelf were these stuffed rabbits standing about 14 inches tall.. All with tee shirts on making some reference to chocolate. When you squeeze the bunny's left hand it breaks into song and dance. I loved it. There were three left and I grabbed two. I made this into a little video. I tried starting both of them at the same time but one was a Little faster and more active than the other one. So one rabbit would always get ahead in the song so that at one point there is a call and response between both rabbits. And what song will the rabbit duo be performing?
"I Feel Good!" by James Brown. I stuck a video opening at the beginning of this clip I made a couple of years ago. I think I may have used it once. It's as long or longer than the rabbits. Sorry about that.

    It's getting late. I'm tired. Good night, good morning. good afternoon.
I'm outta here.


  1. It sounds like you and your lady friend had a wonderful time and its always always good to do what she wants once in a while ..I guess you know that. Thank you for stopping. I havent been blogging that much. Seems I get company coming and going just when I sit at my comp.

  2. OK so that one took, What I said 3 times before was that I love the video, I love Peeps, and I am so happy that you and your lady friend are getting out and about. Take care bro!!!

  3. You sound as if you both a good time Paul. Cute little video yes I can remember that opening a few years back.
    Enjoy your weekend

  4. I laughed at the two potato side dishes. Me, I would be in heaven...I love potatoes in all forms except french fries. They're OK but nothin' to write home about.

    I'll have to go see what Marge said that you remarked on it.

  5. How's it go'in?
    Did you dip your fries in the mashed taters?
    Best burger I ever had was at Charcoal Inn Sheboygan WI.
    I hope you have a happy Easter Paul.

  6. Stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter. Hope all the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are in leaf. We just got a foot of snow.