Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm still here.

So how was everybody Super Tuesday? Mine was well, just super. I got off to a quick start. In fact I was faster than a speeding bullet. Being more powerful than a locomotive I was able to get a jump start on spring cleaning by unloading much junk that I have carted around for years. Moved furniture and even vacuumed behind said furniture! Lets see...oh yeah I bent steel with my bare hands and up in the sky that wasn't a bird or a plane, that was me. I got rid of a trash bag and a half of vhs video tapes. Then there were books I went through. Some I kept. Some I will give away or donate. The trick to getting me actually cleaning and reassessing what I need and don't need, is for me to just get off my ass and do it. Once you get started, one thing leads to another. It was a long day  but luckily it was Super Tuesday and the super powers came in handy. I'm glad I accomplished what I did. 

Oh yeah then there were all the primary elections. I voted. Romney naturally won here in Massachusetts. You know I guess he was a good governor. He was our third in a row republican governor which is odd in this the bluest of the blue states. Of course we now have a democrat as governor. Still I think Romney comes off as stiff and out of touch with the common person. When answering questions he says things like, (these aren't exact quotes) "Oh I love Nascar. I have some friends who own race teams."
"I drive a Dodge truck and my wife has two Cadillac's."
I heard his his wife say, "I don't feel wealthy." PUHleeese!
Mitts OK though. He has tried to loosen up as the campaign has progressed. I did see him once without a tie. Soon after that he had jeans on. No jacket! Then he took it a step further. He unbuttoned the top button on his shirt! Oh Mitt stop it! You're driving the ladies wild! I think if Mitt wants to really loosen up he should continue his campaign dressed as Carmine Miranda.
Mitt Romney detailing parts of his economic plans if he gets elected President.
Now wouldn't that spice up the presidential campaign! In fact I think it would be great if all the candidates dressed like Carmen Miranda. Imagine the debates!

OK enough of that silliness. It's time for me to eat some supper. I'll look in on everyone a bit later in the evening.
I'm outta here.


  1. HooWee Tuesday sure got yer butt moving! I love VHS tapes. I'd gladly send you money for them. I briefly saw something in the sky today, was that YOU?
    Glad to see a post from you. Not that I was worried but thought you were workin pretty much. Do you really whistle while cuttin cheese in the deli? I'm sorry. Until next time you might be gearing up for that trip.
    I like your candidates photo. I missed that debate. Ron looks like, well I won't say ;-)

  2. Glad to hear that you got your hind end in gear and did some cleaning. When I moved I threw away several garbage bags of VHS tapes, I put what I wanted to save onto DVDs,

    I used to be a democrat and now I am nothing. I don't like any of the republican candidates and I will not vote again for the sitting prez so I guess that makes me not able to complain when the election is over.

  3. You are a hoot. Those are funny. Had a rough Tuesday. Daughter had surgery and lost a cousin cancer. Now if you would like to bring those super powers here and start throwing things I sure could use the help. :-)

  4. blessings....
    there is a time for everything, even cleaning.
    got an award for you. stop by and pick it up will yah