Monday, February 27, 2012

And now for something completely different.

A bit of silliness that still cracks me up.
I must say feel good and never really think about myself getting older until I get a reminder.Last night (Sunday) I went out with an old friend. We went to a "private club" as in a bar where you have to ring a doorbell to get in. No membership card or the like. Just ring the doorbell. It's not what you would call "exclusive". Still it was a very friendly place. It was still just a bar. There are no bars in my city and I do not go to bars to hang out. The reason I went was my friend's grandson was playing in the band. The child of my friend had a child that was legally able to be in a bar! Hello! That wasn't my 1968 Plymouth I parked out in the street. I have known my friend Dave and his ex-wife since before his kids were born. Now his grandson is old enough to play in a band in a bar. Just a suttle reminder of the passage of time.

I don't want anyone to think that I am depressed about getting older. It was just a brief reality check. I'm doing fine. I just had my yearly medical check up and everything checked out well. I actually had a good time, not at the doctors office, at the "club" I got to see Daves daughter for the first time in 19 years, met her husband and son. I got to talking about guitars with a couple of guys in the band. Who's your favorite guitarist. What guitars do you like. Favorite bands and so on. The band was pretty good. It looked like they were having fun. There weren't many people there. Sunday night is not a big night out. It was an open mike situation, meaning you didn't get paid but you got a chance to play in front of people. It was a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and they even asked me to sit in for a tune or to. I declined because I haven't played in a band situation for a long time. I'm rusty. You can play on your own but when it comes to playing in the confines of a group your timing and phrasing have to be sharp. This doesn't rule it out entirely. I would rather be playing my own bass or guitar and I would have to be up to it mentally but I'm not ruling it out. I knew some of the songs they played and could have faked my way through a couple of other ones. All in all it was a fun night. I did drink 3 beers between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. so I was not "under the weather". Though I do enjoy a beer, I have little capacity and 3 is a full night of drinking for me. It was a 26 mile drive home which was great because there are few if any car on the road. I arrived home at about 1:30. That's the latest I've been out in 30 years or so. Fortunately Sunday night was not a school night for me and I snoozed until 8:45 this morning.

Well I do have a couple of things to do but nothing pressing. I am just going to relax before I get to go back to retail hell.

I'm outta here.   


  1. I am so glad you had a fun night out with friends. Unfortunately I have been coming in at those early hours a few times the last 3 months after visiting my old friends in the emergency room. lol
    I will be glad for you when you are able to retire and can leave that retail hell.

    1. Visiting an old friend in the emergency room late at night is no fun at all. Many questions still need to be answered before I can retire there is anywhere from 2 to 6 years before retirement. But I did have a fun night. And as always thank you Beth!

  2. Love Monty Python. Course you know that.
    Now that was ah wake up call eh? IT happens but hey.
    I am sure you would have winged it beautifully if you joined in the band.
    Can anyone really retire these days? That's why hubby invested in a cnc for his retirement job ;-) I do seem to recall drinks next door, bump on head and puked in yer shoes...was that last year? LOL!

    1. Yes Mancy that was last year whwn some evil woman tried plying me with alchohol for who knows what. And to set the story straight I did NOT puke on my shoes... I puked on the runner rug next to my bed.
      What's a cnc?

  3. Sounds like a night I myself would have enjoyed and I wouldn't have played either. VERY rusty..more so than you but it's always there to come alive again when you sit and start to practice a bit. :-)))

  4. Argue Clinic? Well then.....I'd say 3 full is good.

  5. Sound as if you had a really fun time with friends , just the Ticket.
    Best Wishes Sheila