Sunday, February 5, 2012

A bit of silliness and something about a football game.

As I attempted to clean up and organize my computer room I came across some old cassette tapes of "songs" that I did back in the 80's and early 90's. I had a 4 track recorder which allowed me to put down a drum track, rhythm track, bass track, a lead track and a vocal track. I know that's 5 tracks but you could combine two tracks into one if you had to, Crude but fun. First of all I'm no singer. The drum track came from a small keyboard that I had. It was nothing more than a time keeper as it really sounds cheesy. Anyway it gave me a chance to play the guitar and attempt to write a song.

I have a program that allows you to clean up old recordings and transfer old lp's to cd's. Well the first one I worked on was a "song" inspired by somebody I used to work with. He was an older guy. He wasn't a bad guy but he had  a real nasal voice and he said "hey" quite a bit. So that was the inspiration for one of my first "songs". I put songs in quotations because it's not a great song and not particularly original. I make no great claims as a musician, song writer, or a singer! In fact I don't sing. I simply say hey hey hey. The recording isn't good. There's a lot of hiss. The "drums" are buried and can be heard more as background ticking good enough to keep time. The only people who have heard it were the people I worked with at the time. About 1986. I turned it into a little video with sub titles in case you have a problem following the lyrics. It's totally silly and amateurish but it was a lot of fun doing it. So I now present the Internet debut of "Hey Hey Hey". By the way there are more of these as I continued to record up until the year 2000 when the old recorder just gave out. I'd like to begin to record again so maybe in the near future I'll purchase a new recorder because it was a fun, creative hobby and a great way for me to practice the guitar. With a bit of embarrassment I present "Hey Hey Hey".

 OK. There's a game today. The Super Bowl. As you can imagine it's a big deal around here. What makes this a little more special is that The Patriots opponent is from New York. You'd have to live hear to understand. Boston is always in the shadow of New York. It's a much larger city and more important stuff goes on there. We are the closest large city to New York so it's a natural rivalry. Boston was a city in decline until the 1960's. Our tallest building was about 20 stories. Starting in the 60's the area began to rebound. A major highway was run through the city and a building surge changed the look of the city. This has continued right up to the 2000's with the infamous "Big Dig". Boston has been transformed into a world class city. We will never be New York. It's in a class by itself however Boston has nothing to be ashamed of. I am proud to call this my home. Few cities or states if any can match Boston or Massachusetts in the number first that occured here including the begining of America. Boston, New York, I am jaded, but there isn't a greater sports rivalry in professional sports. Am I excited? You bet! If the Patriots win it will be there 4th champinship in 10 years. Not too shabby! Patriot fans are in the minority in Indianapolis. First there are the Giant fans. Then there are the Indianapolis Colts fans who hate the Patriots for the many beatings they have suffered at the hands of the Pats. This would make a win all the more sweet. Do I sound smug? Maybe a little but you can't help it. After years of being a laughing stock in the pro sports world, Boston teams have won 7 championships in 10 years. A remarkable record. Do other sports cities hate us? I'm sure they do. Still if you are a sports fan around here, how can you not love it. Nothing lasts forever and this will all end soon enough. Until then I am going to enjoy and relish this until it's over.
Go Pats!
I'm outta here.     


  1. Well a hey, hey, hey. I like it!! Bring us some more.

    I am cheering for your team today bro. I am not a football fan so I hope I don't jinx them.

  2. Great guitar and bass playing! Your music is wonderful. I agree with Beth, bring on sommore!
    We are having 2 pizzas, mine is supreme and hubby's is 3-meat. I will be wearing my Packers shirt and have my flag rag to call fouls. Fun in our own weird way eh?
    I never really thought about how Boston is in the shadow of NewYork.

  3. Blessings.....
    Interesting music.....

    have a blessed week ahead.

  4. I am going to the video in a few minutes but I wanted to say I sure do agree...where you live, both State and City is something to be proud of. And I love to see that pride. Now, for the feature movie..Well a Hey Hey Hey...

  5. Paul...if I keeo smiling like I am now as I listen to your musical production face will bust in two. LOVE it.