Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day - A day for labor

OK. So I worked. I mean it is labor day. I'm not whining, I have Tuesday off then I have Friday off as well. As I sit here writing and cooking supper (6:35 Monday evening) we here are waiting for thunderstorms. It will be rainy for the next couple of days. I had to cancel my trip to the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kenebunkport Maine. There are several routes to take including a seashore drive which is a bit longer but is much more scenic or so I am told. This trip of 90 miles or so is re-scheduled for Friday which looks to be a very nice day. Of course this is New England and that could change. There is another storm which forecasters are saying will veer away from the coast and out to sea but stranger things have happened.

In other news I have been transferred, excuse me, the term du jour is re-assigned to different store. Just as store managers are now "Store Directors" instead of being transferreed we are now re-assigned. Sounds much more important. Anyway it's in a very urban area. Maybe it's a mile and a half from Boston. Funny thing is the clientele is of a lesser economic strata and yet they have no trouble communicating what they would like. It's so different than the cushy neighborhood I was in in Cambridge. With all it's highly educated and affluent types who seemed to be befuddled on the intricacies of making a sandwich. In two weeks there have been no mangled pronunciation or pointing at something that I can't see and getting angry because I don't know what the hell they want.

I've worked in this location before in the early and mid '80s but it was a different store. It was new at the time and the grand opening featured a local sportscaster, the Patriot's Cheerleaders (they were still the laughing stock of the NFL at the time) and Frank Perdue. Frank Perdue may have looked like one of his chickens but he actually was a big man about 6'4''. Yes I met him and shook his chicken pluckin hand. Any way about 6 years ago they tore down that store and built a new one. Why? I don't know. This new store is an aircraft carrier, It's huge and clearly not necesary. For some strange reason they thought it was going to be like their store of the future in Chestnut Hill. From the sound of that name alone you can imagine that it is a neighborhood full of the upper crust. Well guess what? It ain't. It still the same people who shop there. What a surprise! The people who make these decisions are all highly paid. Apparently these company officials didn't study common sense in college. I was told that this was the other store that they were considering sending me to. I'm glad they didn't just for the drive alone never mind the those rich highly educated twits. This is an easy 10 minute drive and I have a very favorable schedule (7 to 3:30) save for Saturdays which is a 12:30 to 9 pm shift. The upside. No Sundays and I have Mondays off. My favorite kind of weekend.

Alright I don't have much more to spew out so I think I'll call it quits now.
I'm outta here.   


  1. It sounds like your new store will work out better for you. The hours are better anyway. I am glad the customers there have a working knowledge of the vocabulary necessary. lol

  2. Better hours, better customers, better commute. Hey you can't hardly beat that. I have heard the term "college educated idiots". Though I know they all aren't like that, sounds like you've met a few. Have also heard the saying, "the higher the education, the lower the commen sense". Scary isn't it?

  3. I always loved having weekdays off. Weekends usually meant nothing to me. I needed week days to get things done that I could not given 12 hr shift rotations and plenty of OT. Still do like weekdays best. Hold over. You sure can get a lot done.

    Redneck room is what J in Georgia calls my once a minth meetings with those colleagues I worked with who are still working or not. Weare loud..VERY loud and are usually put away from everyone else where we don't disturb them. J called it (one day when he was commenting the MSN Blog.." "I'll go get the redneck room ready". I LOVED it and have used it ever since.

  4. Blessings....
    By the sounds of it you are settling in. I don't work weekends usually unless i am monitoring the crisis line then its a 24/7 thing.

    not much more to spew....looks like you did just fine in that department.

    Thanks for the visit as always....
    waiting for my sunsets/rise from the vineyard.

    Have a blessed weekend,