Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edgartown, The Clay Cliffs iv Aquinna

Hello again. First of all I apologise for not doing any visiting. I have been on the go, albiet at a leisurely pace. On the down side I haven't been sleeping well. I do much better in my own bed. Of course I am refering strictly to sleeping here. On the upside and there are a couple of upsides. Our room has upgraded. Why? I don't know. Maybe because This is our third time down here in the span of a year and things are slow as summer is at an end and all the crowds are gone. We went from a single bed in a tiny room. As the old joke goes, the room was so small that when you shut the door the door knob got in bed with me! The room was so small, all the mice were hunchback! The room was so small when I put the key in I broke the window! The room was so small I had to go out in the hall to change my mind!
Anyway this time we were upgraded to a large room with two double beds. (Hey you gotta sleep.) A living room area and a fire place. It's not functional but it's great for effect. I've got a bunch of pictures but I will have to sort through them when I get home which will be sometimes early Friday evening. Eventually I will post a picture of the room and the area and places that I have been. The pictures I will post here are raw images from my camera. I do have a photo program on this little computer that I have with me but I don't know how to use it completely and besides I don't want to waste time on my vacation editing and sorting hundreds of photo's. I do have a couple of samples though.
The weather has be overcast the first two days but comfortable. Today was a picture book day. Temperature is about 72 right now (5 p.m.) Below is a map of the island with 3 stars.
The red star next to Oak Bluffs is where we're staying. The ferries also go to Vineyard Haven just to the left. Apart from that the only other way to get here is by plane. The blue star is next to Edgartown. We went there on Tuesday. It's a beautiful town with a rich whaling history. There are whaling captain's homes. I would say you would have to be well heeled to live here but it is beautiful.
Today (Wednesday) we went to the Clay Cliffs in Aquinnah. I went there last year at this time but it was all fogged in. This year it was just gorgeous. I have a bunch of pictures not to mention videos. I got to get pretty close to them this time. The beach was gorgeous, the cliffs were gorgeous and the day was gorgeous.
  Alright there are plenty more photo's and videos but that's for later. Now it's time for supper so guess what?
I'm outta here.


  1. Gorgeous photo!!

    I am glad you are having such a great time.

  2. Very cool you were upgraded. So happy you are having a gorgeous time. Hope you see a whale.

  3. Glad you no longer have to bump your head on the doorknob when you sleep, lol. What a beautiful place. Can hardly wait to see the pictures when you have the time.

  4. I know what you said that always your own bed is best but you will get used to that before you leave there:-)
    Have a good time.