Friday, September 16, 2011

Off to the Vineyard

Off one more time to Martha's Vineyard on September 19. I have to say it's really nice to have this island getaway only about 100 miles away. It's about a 90 mile drive to the parking lot where I leave my car ( well duh! ), about a 3 mile bus ride to the dock and a 7 mile ferry ride to the island. All the summer yahoos are gone. Anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 people invade the place over the summer months. The actual population is about 15,000. The weather looks to be good. I plan to explore a bit more of the island this time including the notorious Chappaquiddick Island. Remember Ted Kennedy driving off the bridge into the shallow water, escaping but leaving Mary Jo Kopechne in the car to drown. He claimed he was disoriented. Maybe he was but we will never know the true story. Be that as it may I want to go there only because it is so notorious. I want to go back to the clay cliffs. It was quite foggy the last time. Too bad because there was spectacular scenery and color. 

I will bring my little baby computer with me to report on whatever I have to report on. Right now it is 6:20 in the morning and I am leaving for work. Two more days of work. A day to prepare then I'm off for a nine days stretch. I can't wait.

For now,
I'm outta here.     


  1. Even with the fog that picture is awesome. Can hardly wait for your reports. Hope the weather is really good for you days off.

  2. End of summer get away. Sounds great!

  3. Have a wonderful time. I will be watching for more pics. I love the one you have posted in the blog.

  4. I wish that I can come over with you and make sure
    I don't disturb your private life:-)
    Thank you for visit Paul.
    Enjoy your get away.

  5. Blessings....
    U go there often...have a great trip and please don't forget my sunset/rise

  6. Fantastic photos. Wow. Hope you have the time of your life.