Saturday, July 9, 2011

It was something to do.

I will be off through Sunday so last week I made plans to head into town with my friend Dave. We took the train in and headed to the 52 story Prudential Building or tower as it is sometimes referred to. It was Bostons first real tall building. Boston had been in decline for the first half of the 20th century. Still stuck in the 19th century. Beginning in the late '50s urban renewal began. They demolished the entire west end, which at the time was a neighborhood, displacing many people. It ended up becoming the financial district. I personally think it's not an attractive building at all especially with it's stupid little flat, square head. That is not my picture below as I didn't bring my jet pack.   
It's located in the Back Bay section of town. So named because at the time of Boston founding this was all water, part of the harbor. A major chunk of the city is landfill. Originally Boston was a blob of land at the end of a peninsula. Practically a small island. In any event the city has made quite a comeback in the last 60 or so years.

I would have liked to have gone into town earlier but I had to wait for a tech from DishTv for an equipment upgrade but that's another story for another time, maybe. 
The "Pru". I took this in the courtyard before we entered the building. If I was alone I would have done abit more walking about as there were nice photos to be had but my friend has a heart condition and so I wanted to keep any physical activities to a minimum. A flight of stairs can be very taxing for him, not that we took the stairs to the 50th floor observation deck.
  The rest of the photos are mine. We have had some beautiful weather but yesterday was overcast until, of course, we had to leave.
The neighboring 60 story John Hancock building.
Right next to the Pru, as we call it, is a 36 story building completed in 2002 simply called 111 Huntington Ave. A much more attractive building. Also known as the R2D2 building.
The Christian Science Mother Church right center.
Fenway Park
The Charles River. Right of center the Hatch Shell where the Pops performed on The 4th.
The R2D2 building
So that was my Friday. Today I will be out looking at cars and later looking for a new bedroom set. You would think I was rich. I'm not. It's just time to upgrade things. I've waited long enough.

I'm outta here.


  1. WOW!! The photos are really great! Video is nice too. I would love to have a copy of the second large photo if you say OK.
    Sounds like you had fun with your friend. I hope he continues to do well.
    Enjoy your days off Bro, you have really earned them after last week.

  2. Thanks for the history and tour. I enjoyed your video. My MIL would say "Where do all the people work?" LOL! Wish you luck in finding a vehicle and bedroom set. Two things that are important. A moped and hammock come to mind, but that's MY budget.

  3. What an interesting post. Love learning about other places even if I know I'll never get to see them.

  4. Thank you for the photos and your video it is great leaned to other countries.
    I wondering that how long take to used stairs
    to the top floors?
    You never have an earthquake in the Boston?
    I'm glad you have fun with your friend.

  5. what great photos! i loveseeing cities i haven't been in before!

    was smiling at your fainting episode as i too was starved when i started eating. i lost so much weight, i'm really trying not to lose more.