Friday, July 22, 2011


Yes it's hot enough to boil a monkeys bum! I'm beginning to wonder if the winter wasn't so bad. I don't totally believe that but this heat just bites the big one. The bedroom furniture arrived on Thursday. Well it;s just a bed with storage and an armiore. It turns out that I now have more storage space than I had with my old complete bedroom set.
So I spent most of Thursday putting my clothes away. I only went out once to run an errand and that was enough for me. I am so glad and grateful that I have air conditioning. You can keep this weather. I was watching the local news and they were asking kids, who were at beaches and pools, what they preferred. The winter or the summer and surprisingly they answered the winter. They like playing in the snow and making snowmen. Of course these days kids aren't even allowed to play. It's all pre arranged little events. Everyone has a helmet and knee pads. This is a rant for another time though.
As you can see my bedroom is pretty plain. At this
point I hadn't put the rugs back or the television. Yes that's right the television. I have been told that you shouldn't have a television in your bedroom because it hinders your sleep. I find the opposite to be true. If I plan to watch a program it is the perfect inducement for sleep. I would like to find some artwork or something to hang on the walls though but first things first. I still have to finish  painting my kitchen. I have had all these plans for this place over the nearly four years that I have been living here and I have chosen to tackle them all at once. Not the greatest idea but then  again it's the way I roll. I think about doing something for a long time and then suddenly decide it's time and I do everything at once. Or at least try. I bought the paint for the kitchen two years ago. I got curtains this passed winter. I am also eyeing the floor and the cabinets but I do realise that's still in the future.

On a sadder note, my sister's cat,Bella, has been diagnosed with cancer. My sisters a wreck. In a way she belongs to all of us, my sisters and myself, as she has been a fixture in our family for twelve years. It's early in the going and she has a chance as it has been caught early. She shows not outward signs of being sick and she is being taken to a specialist this afternoon. Bella is a sweet little girl. Cute as a button.
All the cats in my family have lived long lives. Between 17 and 20 years. Bella is 12. I hope for Bella's sake and more importantly, my sister, that this is something that can be cured or controlled.  As I said    she  is very sweet, loving and lovable. I'm pulling for you Bella!

Alright it's back to the hell otherwise known as work for another late shift. Bigwigs from Minnesota are supposed to visit today. We are rolling out the red carpet. The kitchen is busy making them a royal lunch and the store mana...excuse me, store director is a wreck. I can't stand the woman and hope she falls  her ample derriere. Harsh words? You bet. In the one years she has been here she has turned a pleasant and happy place to work into a nightmare. I hope she fails. She has a bad track record from her previous stores and we inherited her from another store where she caused a department manager to quit. You don't quit a 60+ thousand dollar job these days without good reason. Sorry but that's the way I feel.
On that bitter note I am off to another vacation in hell.
I'm outta here.


  1. Hi Paul, Prayer said for Bella! She is such a pretty thing.

    Nice bedroom set! Keep on going and you will soon have everything done that you had planned.

    I hope your inspection goes well. I remember when I worked at the AFB the inspections from HQ ATC, the military getting all excited and driving us civilians half crazy.

    Stay cool!!

  2. Blessings....
    thanks for the support. sis is doing better, not out of the woods but proceeding well.

    nice furniture. Yeah its hot here too, monkey's butt was already boiled and eaten, his carcass is dehydrating from the heat.

    have a fabulous one

  3. Hope they can help Bella. She is very cute.
    Nice bdrm set there. Sounds like your on a roll and painting too. Keep cool Paul. Have a great day at work. Maybe serve those folks some sliced tuna fish sandwich or gourmet bologna.

  4. i am absolutely praying for Bella and her mom. Bella is a beloved family member, I know.
    it is the most awful thing when our fur babies get badly sick like that. We love them and the horrible feeling of helplessness is devestating.

  5. What a beautiful cat. I sure hope they can make her well, for not only you sister and the family, but such a gorgeous creature should be around a long time to enjoy.

    Nice furniture.

    Had a boss from hell once. I felt the same way you do.

  6. Gorgeous looking cat.I praying foe Bella and your sister and the family.
    Nice new furniture Paul, As same as I enjoy my TV in my bed rooms so relaxing.
    have a nice weekend.

  7. Lovely cat Paul such a shame she is in my prayers. Sometimes I feel like that people at the top oh boy!! Take care Sheila.