Thursday, September 1, 2016

Restart. The Move (cue dramatic music)

Once again I start a blog that I hope I can finish. I have made four attempts since my last blog. It's not that I have been uncomfortable here (or there if I have already moved when I publish) at my sister's house. Far from it. I get along quite well with my sister and brother in law. My sister and I laugh at the very same things. We discovered a show, which will remain nameless, that makes us laugh until we have tears in our eyes. It shall remain nameless because the premise is quite stupid. Stupid makes us laugh.  My brother in law doesn't like it because he thinks it is so stupid. It is! Anyway as I said, I was not uncomfortable but I still wasn't home. I am/was out of my element. Alright enough of that. As of now, Wednesday evening, all my remaining clothes are ready to go. I've managed to get a few things to the new place but my furniture is still in storage. It's going to take a while before I collect every thing I own. I'm spread out around the city.
So what else? About three weeks ago I "slept funny" on my left arm. The arm that I injured when I injured my leg on vacation on you know where. That was four years ago. The leg injury was more painful than my shoulder but it still hurt as well. Both healed up though I still got a twinge in the leg and shoulder every now then. Well "sleeping funny" made my shoulder hurt worse than it did when I originally hurt it. I could barely lift my arm.  Long story short, I missed three weeks of work. Not that I was really sad about that. I only work part time and I will quit completely either early next year or after my three week absence, perhaps earlier. Though it was painful, I liked not having to work. Who knows?

It has been hot hot hot around here! At least until the last few days and next week. We had the hottest August around here on record. Good riddance to August. The kids have already started school. When I attended public school we always started on September 7. 
Adding to all the school busses on the roads we have an increase in bike riders because of all the students that are attending college here. Every year about 250,000 students come to Boston and vicinity. I saw a large chunk of them on my way home from work today driving through Harvard Square in Cambridge. Harvard Square is a great place loaded with cafe's, book stores, restaurants, clothing stores, taverns and so on, but it's also crowded with people cars, busses and trucks. I think I'll make a video of my drive through the square before I completely retire.

Arlene had a mishap. Her dog startled her in the middle of the night and she fell out of bed hitting her head on the nightstand. I got a call around three in the morning. Off to the emergency room. She had a mild concussion. She didn't need stitches and has recovered well and is back to work.

Alright it's still not after midnight and it looks like I'm going to publish this puppy. Tomorrow looks to be a very busy day and I need some sleep. Once I'm a bit settled I'll report in, not that this is worthy of headline news status, but I am on the verge of a change in my life, changing homes and leaving a job I've had for over 45 years. There were good times and there were bad times. Sometimes a customer will give you a laugh. A lady came to the counter today, scrutinized the various cold cuts and settled on a half a pound of rosemary ham. She called or should I say tried to call the ham by it's full name using the manufacturers name which is Citterio pronounced chit-terio. Only didn't she didn't say, "...a half a pound of Citterio rosemary ham". She said,..."a half a pound of Cheerios rosemary ham."   
I'm outta here.



  1. Glad you updated us.. OH so sorry you messed up your arm etc.. I do know your back can mess you up big time. Glad you are better and able to move in soon. Glad Arlene is okay.. time to put some padding on that nightstand just in case it might happen again. A new show came on the other night on NBC with Henry Winkler and William Shatner and BOY I dare you not to laugh at that one. HILARIOUS! I bet your Sis will miss you being around. Good luck with the move and new retirement.. it takes some getting used to but BOY it is so nice after you do. Good LUCK!!!

  2. Glad to hear from you. The challenge ahead of you in moving back and working will keep you very occupied so I won't worry if we don't hear from you but once a month! Tell Arlene that the older you get the higher the bed is and further away is the floor. So glad she's ok now. Hang busy and stay cool.

  3. Boston Boy, Welcome back. I know you love your family...but let's face it , there's nothing like having your own place . To come and go and do what ever the heck you want. Hope your arm's better..did you ever have it checked out? I bet Arlene will feel better have her best buddy next door. Blessings to you, get settle in again and keep on posting. xoxo, Susie

  4. Well good luck Paul I hope it all goes well for you.
    Oh poor Arlene glad to hear she has recovered well. It is no easy feat moving house and next year maybe I am not looking forward to it.
    Wishing you good health and hope shoulder doesn't bother you too much.

  5. glad to see you here. I am not surprised that your leg and arm too for that matter, though healed, still causes trouble now and again When an injury is as bad as yours was, the effects, though diminished, stay.

    Thinking of you as again, if you had not made my Admiral, aka Miss Catt, that Admiral Hat way back on Spaces, she would never have that name which has lasted for years and years.