Friday, September 9, 2016

What a mess but it's my mess.

Yup. There's stuff all over the place. Though I have opened maybe twenty boxes so far there are about forty more to go. I have moved from the first floor to the second floor and though both flats are laid out in a similar fashion there are differences. There's no fireplace up here on the second floor so the living room is shaped a bit differently. I've decided to set up the kitchen first. I have much more counter and cabinet space up here. Right now everything is, as in our present presidential election, a big muddle. In the long run my biggest challenge is putting together my queen sized platform bed with four drawers. For now I'm sleeping on the mattress on the floor. Getting this place together is going to take a while.

I want to thank the folks who keep commenting here. I know I haven't been around much at all. I hope to be back on a more regular basis in the next couple of weeks as I get my act together. I still have to purchase a few things for the kitchen and the bathroom. I will go to a store called Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think they're a national chain. Anyway the name pretty much tells you what they sell, though I'm not sure what they sell in the Beyond.

I was lucky to have stayed with my sister and her husband. They only live a few streets away. I essentially spent the summer there.
We did have a lot of laughs.

As I think I mentioned before the students have invaded the area. Roughly 250,000. They are everywhere even where I live. I am very close to Tufts University though I don't know how nationally known it is with Harvard and M.I.T. just up the road on the same bus line. They are on bikes, skateboards, running or just walking about in great herds. And as much as I love living around this great city with all it's history and contributions to the country and the world there is one thing I hate and that is the molasses like traffic. A few days ago it took me nearly an hour and a half to drive to work for a nine o'clock start. I'm talking two cities over, about a six mile drive. It all depends on what time you are driving. When I was a fulltime employee I started at six a.m. If I caught the lights just right I could make the very same drive in 15 minutes.

Speaking of work, I don't know if I will make it to the end of the year. I am thinking of completely retiring. I think I've had enough. With forty five plus years under my belt with this job, I think it's time. 

We won't be making our Fall trip to Martha's Vineyard and I do miss it. Once we went there the first time it became a part of our souls. However we will be going back in late Spring/early Summer.
Arlene's job with the local school system will prevent us from our Fall trip this year, not to mention me setting up a new home. I still have no idea where I'm going to put everything.

Ok I've babbled on enough. I've got work to do.
I'm outta here.   



  1. Congratulations and best wishes for your new home environment. Good things take time, as you well know. Happy for you. Start saving $ for your spring at Martha's. I am glad you are back.

  2. Boston Boy, Welcome home. You take your time and it will be better than trying to just put stuff away without thought. I know you will miss your fall trip...but that next one will be all the sweeter. Hope you do enjoy the new place. Watch the stairs. Look at this way...your butt will never sag doing stairs. LOL. Blessings to you dear friend, xoxo, Susie

  3. Oh my Paul.. I do know that feeling well.. where is this or that.. I know will be sooo satisfied when it is all done. It took over a year for me adding this thing and another but when I finished it felt like home. BB&B is so pricey..I hope you find what you want there..other stores have similar things a lot better priced.. Just my thought on it.OH so sorry you won't make your trip I do KNOW how much you love it.. and YES I think the daily grind for you is well deserved to STOP and enjoy your new freedoms. Please take care on those stairs.. Blessings in your new home.

  4. Congrats on your move Paul, it takes time and energy to get everything as it should be. Wishing good health and a happy future in your new home
    Best Wishes

  5. blessings and congrats on the old/new place. Take your time.