Saturday, August 6, 2016

Post title?

Well let me start out by stating that I am not whining, well maybe a little. First of all I have been told by my landlords that I may be moving in two to three weeks. That's fairly good news, though originally it was 6-8 weeks which will turn into about 4 months. Ok. While I been here at my sister's there have been several unfortunate events. On the second night of my stay my car, parked on the street, was hit in the rear door. Soon after we had an incident with the clothes washer. A month later the stove died. We had no stove for three weeks. The kitchen sink backed up and we are still waiting for the plumber. Things quieted down until this passed Friday when I woke up in the middle of the night, not for the usual reason, and my left shoulder was in great pain. I think I "slept funny" on my left arm and shoulder. It's all related to when I hurt my leg a few ago on vacation. As I stepped into a drain behind the sea wall because I was preoccupied with sunrise pictures, I caught all my weight with my left arm so I wouldn't smash my face. The shoulder bothered me for a few days but not like my leg, until two days ago.  Now my arm is in a sling and I'm not working for at least a week. I am going to an orthopedic surgeon on Monday to get the final lowdown. I have already been to prompt care on Friday and x-rays didn't show any real damage but we'll see. I am also not looking forward to moving all my personal stuff, scattered all over the city, when the time finally comes.    

Well kiddies that's the update for now. It's time for some one armed laundry. It's going to be a hot and sticky one today followed by some rain. Tomorrow looks to be beautiful and Arlene is going to pick me up because I can't drive. Oh! I forgot one thing! My car failed a state inspection because a little airbag light went on just before I hit the inspection station.
A summer to remember.
I'm outta here.


  1. Boston Boy, Sounds like you have a right to whine if you feel like it./ I would be. hell I have before right on my blog. I am sure I am not done whining yet. :):) Ever feel like when it rains it pours?? Sounds like what you are going thru. House , car and health problems. I be saying some good prayers for you. Hey we all need them ...most every day. You may be ready for a vacation once you get thru the medical stuff, get moved in. Maybe your friends and family can help you move...I would keep on wearing that sling and work on their sympathy. LOL. Bless your heart my friend], xoxo, Susie

  2. Some days its just a domino effect...
    the blessing though, you are alive to complain about it.
    this too shall pass.

    stay blessed and have a fabulous week.

  3. Sorry for your recent worries. Four years ago when I shattered my shoulder and it couldn't have repairs die to bone losses, I have learned to do it all but still live in pain. You needn't worry about the small stuff - it's not life threatening. Suggest you just overcome one inconvenience at a time - car, stuff moving, shoulder ache.

  4. Sorry to hear of your troubles Paul. Hope your arm gets sorted out , awful having painful limbs. My pet hate is moving house , maybe next year look for a smaller place to live, I hope before I get any older ha! Good luck with your move .

  5. Hi, long time for me being here. Hopefully I can get my act together. You really have had quite a time. Sure hope it all settles down soon. Moving is tough enough then to have all those appliance problems etc. on top.