Monday, August 1, 2016

Interesting old film clip

Not much going on 'round these here parts. Of course there always something to disrupt your daily routine. I had to get my state auto inspection. I thought I was being Mr. efficient by taking my car in on the first of the month. Last night a little light indicating something was amiss with an air bag or all airbags appeared. The day before there was an incident with the brake pedal. As I drove a down a busy street after a short day of work, the traffic light turned red. There was  nothing out of the ordinary about the situation until my brake pedal sank to the floor. Though the brakes bit and I slowed down, something was wrong. Now the brakes have worked fine since but this was definitely an issue. So I bring my car in for inspection thinking the brakes will probably be ok for the moment, because oddly enough, apart from your emergency brake they don't check your brakes. Imagine that! The state of Massachusetts has been nicknamed "the nanny state", among other things. Don't do this, don't do that, all kinds of regulation, but faulty brakes, no big deal right?

I thought I might as well give it a shot. These are repairs that I had to get done anyway. I was next inline to get my sticker. The guy comes up to my car to drive it into the bay. You can't do that yourself anymore. I open the door and before the guy got in he notices the light on the dash and told me that he already had to reject my car. So I suppose I should have made arrangements to have these problems rectified before I went for my inspection. Still this will involve dealing with the dealership which is never pleasant. I told them once in the past that it's not necessary for them to call and leave a message telling me the call "concerns my car". I figured that out after, "Hi! This is Lori from Sentry Ford/Lincoln. Please call us. It concerns your car." I want to go to my regular mechanic but he's booked up until next Wednesday. So this may and probably will involve getting a rental car. Such is life.

Apart from all that, things are going along ok. I found the clip below on YouTube. It's a film clip taken from the front of a trolley going through the streets of Boston in 1903. Pretty neat!       

So that's it for now.
I'm outta here.


  1. Inspection is something I do not miss at all. I lived with that for 20 yrs in California.. HATED it..Picky for sure. Could not get tags unless you had the sticker and oh that included the darn SMOG thingy.Ugh.. so sorry you had troubles with the brakes too. what a dilemma! Stay cool this summer is a scorcher.

  2. Love the old clip. Boston really was crowded even then! Busy busy, hurry hurry and dangerous too! I see too many cars on the road today with bad tires and headlights that don't even light the way correctly. Personally I think inspection is a good thing and there should be more detail given to headlights and tires - plus brakes of course.

  3. Boston Boy, I swear it's always something...wouldn't it be nice to just have a few months of fun stuff? I hope it's not a big fix to get your car where it needs to be. My car gets me around but honestly I don't even drive 2 hours away to my daughters...for fear of not making it back. I am in need of a newer vehicle and dread even looking. I think of you every time I hear or see anything about Boston on TV or the news. LOL. The crowds of people in that gosh. Crazy. Hope you are feeling great and at least enjoying some of this summer. IT's been hot and getting back up there again. Blessings to you and Arlene. xoxo, Susie

  4. I'm growing Sword Beans. I have written stories about these huge monsters before.

  5. I love these old clips Paul, busy and those trams and horse driven carts. Everyone wore a hat those days. Smashing looking back, thanks for sharing.