Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why do you write a blog?

It's been a long busy week since the last time I entered a blog entry and I have to be honest after my last blog where I only received one comment (thank you Nookworm) I was discouraged and thought about shutting the whole thing down. Then I thought, as of now anyway, there are a couple of people, two maybe three, that  I have known and even spoken to, for eight years or so. I do think of these people as friends. I don't mean friends in the internet sense I mean friends in the very essence of the word. They have always been there, which is more than you can say at times about people who live next door. Toodie, I've known you since the days of Spaces, you along with our mutual, dear departed friend, Beth and Rhapsody. These are only hold overs from Spaces in my blogosphere.  

From Blogger there is only one I really know and has been a regular visitor, Gere (nookworm) and I thank her. I am not by any means upset at the people who I really liked and I was close to, in an internet sense at least, from Spaces and beyond, are no longer around these here parts. Life moves on and things in life change quickly. What was necessary fun at one point, is miles behind in the present. I am in the middle of a move. It is a royal pain. Particularly when I will be moving back in, six to eight weeks I hope, to a newer, better place upstairs from where I presently am. There's nothing wrong with my present place except that the dĂ©cor is at best from the 1970's. It's quite comfortable and affordable. I have good landlords, they want me back and it helps that Arlene lives next door and has known them for almost forty years. I have been a lucky guy! 

I don't know yet when I will be back on Blogger on a more regular basis as I have been busy trucking things to a storage space, Arlene's and my sisters. The big move will be Saturday the 30th. At the moment I am waiting to go out to breakfast with Arlene and her cousins from California. They have been doing all the touristy things that you do when you visit Boston. Even right here locally there are things that date back to 1600's including a cemetery. Then there's Paul Revere's route that runs straight through town and on to Lexington and Concord. A home that was George Washington headquarters at the beginning of the revolutionary war. It's a whole different world here than in California.

OK I see Arlene is outside. Time for breakfast.
I'm outta here.      


  1. All the best with your big move, and best wishes with everything. Hope to hear more from you soon. Greetings!

  2. OK I know I am not here all the time but YES I am a hold out from Spaces days too. So yes there are many who would miss it if you stopped blogging all together. I don't blog as much as I used to which was daily. I guess I just ran out of things to report on and have a very boring life now.I rarely get any comments so I just do it for myself. Moving things is tough..physically and mentally. Everything is in a jumble. I sure wish you luck with all your moves.

  3. Viewing blogs of others is an enjoyable pastime for me and I really like the way you write and say whatever you feel. I'll not leave and will check in once in a while, hoping you have returned. Carry on Paul!

  4. Boston Boy, Sorry, I have been on lately to comment. I hope you keep on blogging. I have lost touch with many that I first started blogging with. Summer time is a busier time for most people...kid sports and family vacations. I like blogging with you...who else is going to show me Boston and the surrounding area. Plus show us all the little film clips of the Vineyard. I know you are probably having bittersweet feelings. Moving and storing your things and then getting them back out again. I truly hope you get back into the apartment when you expect too. Blessings to you and Arlene, xoxo, Susie

  5. Blessings......
    I write because I enjoy it.
    it does get a bit discouraging at times and like you I have thought of shutting it down as people you enjoy via blog visits etc don't visit any more, stopped blogging or passed on but life marches on and I write because i enjoy it.

  6. I am so sorry I have disappointed but when I have been here, you have been such an enjoyment. Troubles with my family in health and myself have largely stood in my way. An excuse but an honest one.

  7. Good luck with the move I hope it goes smooth for you.
    I just don't know where the time goes , you think when you retire you have extra time on your hands. But alas that is not true..Wishing you well we hope to hear from you when you can.
    Best Wishes.