Monday, April 4, 2016

Snow, sun, wind, linguine and meatballs, string beans and salad...and oh yeah wine.

Another odd weather day on Sunday. It went as predicted though. It was much better than the last storm that went, back and forth between impending doom to about an inch.  They just couldn't pin it down. It snowed from early in the morning till about 10. The flakes were quite large, or as a certain ego maniacal presidential candidate would say, "They were hyuuuuuge!"
Apart from that, I packed a few more things on Sunday, then I decided to take a break and watch some television  which really means falling asleep. But that's ok. I still work 3 full days a week and it seems there is always something to do or someplace  to go when I'm not working so I'm not against doing nothing at all sometimes. I don't want to sound like I'm the ambitious type because I'm not, but there are times I just don't want to do anything.
Here are 3 pictures I took of some trees that were freshly covered with snow from a small storm the day before. There's nothing real remarkable about them, It was dawn and I just liked the way the sun played off the snow covered bare branches.


So at about 3p.m. Arlene tells me that she has to go to the supermarket and I suggest that we buy some hamburger, linguine, some Victoria basil tomato sauce and a few other things and have a nice home cooked meal. It was sunny but windy and chilly.
Long story short we ended up making linguine and meatballs, I had some frozen string beans and we made a salad. And oh yeah a bottle of wine. All quite                                                                   Then we come to the weather. One month ago we hit 77, today April 4, 2016 it is snowing, it's still snowing as I write this at 5:15 p.m. on Monday. It's a slushy mess outside. It's New England and that's what happens around here.
I have secured a storage bin and the junk people have taken away all the refuse. I'm working for the next 3 days so moving duties will be put on hold aside from taking a few boxes to my sisters. I wish I could pull a Rip Van Winkle and sleep until all this is over. But then I think about the people I see sleeping on benches while I  have a nice warm bed and food to eat and I come back to Earth and think about how lucky I am.
Ok that's about it with this disjointed post. Now it's time to do some shoveling and then enjoy a nice piece of lasagna that Arlene made while we were making our meal yesterday. Ok where are my boots?
I'm outta here 



  1. We had terrible winds and a little snow. You are not the only one to have slushy roads. Ours are muddy slushy. Your moving process sounds to be going quite well. Carry on!

  2. Hi Paul, I enjoyed your little film clip of the's so hard to believe this weather. I know what you mean about wishing you could sleep thru things. I actually love your porch and neighborhood. Great photos of the snow covered trees. Beautiful. I hope things will go smoothly for you and that you are right back there before you know it. Funny how our retirements truly end up...nothing quite like we dream. Blessings to you and Arlene, I wish you both so much. xoxo,Susie

  3. blessings....
    I enjoyed those photos. They are quite nice.
    Can I have the whole pic of the second to last one with the sun shining on the snowed tree tops? Its a whole photograph right, not a piece like you posted here?