Friday, April 1, 2016

On the move

So what have I have been doing. Packing and some more packing and then I did some more packing. As it turns out I will be coming back to this location in about 3 months, I hope. I've always had the option of moving back to this house as the apartment I have been living in is going to be gutted and completely refurbished. My landlords told me they would like me back and for the money it really is my best option. I have checked into what is available this  is still cheaper. Rents ranged from $1600 to $2000 a month. Some had washer dryer hookups none had off street parking. And then there's the fact that Arlene lives next door. I will be living with my sister who is just a 3 minute drive from here. I will be moving at the end of the month. Needless to say this has been a bit of a stressful time for me. My furniture will be in a storage facility very close by. As it turns out there are many around here locally. I've got a junk removal service coming Monday afternoon to lighten my load a bit.
Now the place I will be moving back to is much nicer than the one I am presently living in and I will be gaining a dish washers though that's not really a big deal to me.
It also looks like we will be going back to Martha's Vineyard sometime in June, probably on the 20th. I don't know if we will be able to go again in September, which is our favorite time to go but I am grateful that I can go at all. This is turning out to be a very expensive year but I have been working for 48 years and hopefully I will be able to fully retire early next year. That's a number I am having a tough time wrapping my head around but I am in good health save for my left leg that I hurt on the Vineyard (I know that sounds pretentious) three years ago. For a laugh I checked out apartments on the island. The only way you can rent an apartment is for vacation purposes. There were no residential apartments available. I can't afford a house around here so buying property there is really a joke, just not a funny one. Still if I were rich I would have no problem living there. Home prices ranged from $900,000 to $4,000,000. Ouch! Still they treat us well at the hotel. They know us, greet us warmly and there's always a bottle of wine in our room. One of our favorite things to do, right after we arrive is go to breakfast at Linda Jeans. They serve a terrific breakfast and the place is always packed. The rest of the week we eat at the hotel.
  So that's it for now. Time to have something to eat, then I will be back to catch up on my blogger reading.
I'm outta here.



  1. Rent is how much? Yeouwsers! Big city big money I guess.
    Moving is a pain. I know lol. Take care of your six pack
    and your back when you move.

  2. Boston Boy, I hope you can hit the lottery... me too. LOL. I know how you are not looking forward to moving twice in one year....I hope and pray it all works out for you. Honey, I can tell you one thing this old lady is never going to do...I am not getting on anything that could spill me onto the skateboards, hover-boards, crazy see old people on the funny video show getting hurt. But then again so do young people. scary . Take care of yourself. If I could I help you move. Bless your heart, you are a good person, xoxo,Susie

  3. blessings....
    well on the positive side you got all the junk out and you were able to downsize. I am still in the throwing out stage, which i absolutely hate.

    The vineyard again huh, well one do what one must.

  4. Moving is so stressful.. packing is tiring and so hard sorting things out.Having a plan is the best least you KNOW where you are going next and where you will end up. YES those rents are really HIGH.Good luck with it all..pace yourself..

  5. It is very difficult for me to grasp the cost of renting in your area. Here you can rent a whole house for about $550-1000. a month and there are nice houses with washers, driers, dishwashers, lawns, flowers, porches, etc. I guess the area is the reason. I'll stay here with the poor folk! I swore I would NEVER move again after moving from my large home across the lake. I understand the moving process very well. Good luck and take it easy.

  6. Well good for you sounds a good deal, perfect. Espeacially when Arlene and your sister live very near by. That picture of your Hotel always looks so very attractive lovely place. As the doctor once said to me pace yourself. Good Luck .