Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pretentious? Moi?

Somebody at work asked me if I was going anywhere on my vacation. I, of course said yes, Martha's Vineyard. Then I wondered if that sounded so pretentious. Off to the Vineyard for a week. Yes there is an element on the island that are wealthy. Beautiful homes near cliffs overlooking the ocean. Private estates. Well that's not me. Still when I tell someone that I am going there I do wonder what they think. Then again they might not think anything of it. It's about a 70 or 80 minute drive, then a 45 minute ferry ride and your there. It's really not all that different than a drive to the mountains in New Hampshire. New Hampshire might not sound as snooty as "the Vineyard".
Still people like Arlene and I might seem like riff raff  to the wealthy people with summer homes there.
"Oh here they come with their Toyotas and Fords and Chevrolets How awful."  
 Actors, musicians, writers etc. have homes and a couple of presidents have vacationed there. We stay in the hotels near where the ferry docks. It's not cheap, neither is the food, but it really gets pricey on the other side in Edgartown.

 When we go to Edgartown it's mostly look but don't touch except for the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore. So you could buy a book on vacation. There are much more horrible things you can do on vacation than buy a book.

Aside from eating and sleeping most of the things we do cost nothing or next to nothing. So you have an ice cream? So what?! Going out for a nice meal while watching the sun set over the little harbor is a wonderful way to end the day. One night is to be set aside for watching the sun set at the cliffs on the other side of the island. We did this once in 2011. It was a gorgeous night. There were other people on the beach but it wasn't mobbed. Everybody had enough real estate to feel a bit isolated. Some people were drinking champagne or wine or who knows what. Arlene and I killed a bottle of wine. It was beautiful. This picture that I just posted on the last blog was taken that night in 2011.

 Another item from the "Are they nuts! Dept." It is being proposed to bring a grand prix race to Boston. This is almost nuttier than bringing the Olympics here. Almost but not quite. Still I think I heard it will take place on the south side so for me personally it would be about 15 miles away. Some sniffing around by local news organizations reveal that some local business men stand to profit greatly from this if it happens. The same is said about the Olympics. It all sounds great to showcase a city that I love but you have to be real. Boston functions despite itself. It's a compact city with some very old streets that can meander due to them being laid out in the 1600's-1700's. Within 30 miles of the center of town are 4.5 million people. Are they going to tell everybody to just stay home for the day so they can have a foolish race! I'm not against racing. I'm not against Grand Prix racing but this area cannot handle the shutting down of roads or the huge amount of tourist that would come for an Olympic game. You are now inviting the world in. And though your city may look great on an international broad cast, the havoc it would create would benefit a handful of people. If the area was set up to handle the influx of people and vehicles I would be for it. But in reality, though the area is my home and I will remain here, it's almost more European than American in design. It's a wonderful place to live. It has so much to offer but that does come at a price. Getting around at times can be a trial. Any time I want to go to Boston I won't drive though it's 2 cities over, I'll take public transportation. You can get just about anywhere in a 25 to 30 miles radius of the city by public transportation. Not that it's always fun.

So both things smell kind of fishy. New Hampshire would love the Winter Olympics. They have the snow and the mountains and about one fifth of the people that live in greater Boston. It would be great for their economy. We're doing ok here overall in Massachusetts.  The city would get some benefit from people flying into Boston and traveling north. Some would stay here, some would stay in New Hampshire. I just don't think this area is equipped to handle that kind of human traffic without hurting most it's citizens and benefitting a few. 

So what else is happening? Not much though I have begun to put aside things that I will bring with me next week. On a good day down there at this time of year, it will hit the low to mid 70's and that's just fine with me. We will probably get some rain but what can you do when you plan for it 6 months in advance. I think I will buy a few things. Nothing special. Some t-shirts and maybe another casual shirt or 2. I rarely buy clothes. I'm no clothes horse. I use 'em till I cain't use 'em n'more. Vacation is an excuse to buy some. I could go wild and buy a pair of jeans but in reality I am well set with jeans. 

Well be leaving next Sunday, May 31 at 6 a.m. The first day is loosely planned out. It's mostly a hang around and re-introduce yourself to the place. Aside from a couple of particular spots or activities not much else has been planned. It's only a week away then it's back to abnormal. It has been and will be nice and pleasant around here next week until Tuesday when it suddenly will hit the 90's, at least that has been said. Not my favorite weather, still go back a little over 2 months and we had 9' of snow on the ground. You get what you get and roll with it.

So the count down begins today, Sunday the 24th. T minus 7 days and counting.
Time to stop.
I'm outta here.



  1. Most my life I felt anyone who could afford a vacation was rich. I never had a vacation, really. I am thinking maybe it's time in my life to have one. I know you ans Arlene enjoy the island very much. I know youse will have a wonderful time.
    Grand Prix ? Oh boy I'm ottah here.....have a nice weekend!

  2. Have a great time. Well, gosh, I already know you are! IT's hotter'n a firecracker here.

  3. I LOVED That header!! That's Paul! You at your best. You always could make me smile.

  4. Ta! Ta! You who are besotted with the Vineyard...bask, feast, rollick, and wallow while having a well-deserved vacation!

  5. I'm with Nancy there. I haven't had a vacation in...well, never I guess. Going to visit parents could be called that. It was a joy to go and be there but a real honest vacation that you save for and savor every moment with special Daddy couldn't afford it. As the kids were small, we couldn't afford it and as a working person, with plenteous OT, I had the $$ but no time. Now, I give up and just consider each day a gift and enjoy it. :-) Oh and you don't have to be a pet owner to comment if you are ever inspired to. I have 5 constant commenters who don't have a pet blog. Remember, Admiral was named by you in a manner of speaking because you gave her that hat, she henceforth became the Admiral to this DAY. Her urn does have Bianca on it but otherwise...she's Admiral even here in the family to this moment.

  6. Oh and try again with the Tails blog. Join us in the Cat Blogosphere who are also dog and piggy owners, ferrets and so forth. I'll introduce you. Once you start commenting on blogs, they'll come to see you too.

  7. I say ol' chap, what is all this hub-bub of riff raff? LOL. You crack me up Paul. I have to tell you this story. When I used to go to Florida for a vacation, a man named Dale, at the bar in our hotel bought us some drinks and proceeded to tell of his riches. His friend told him to shut up, it might make us uneasy with him speaking of all he owned. Dale said , "does it bother you that I am rich ?" I said," heavens no, does it bother you that I am poor?" Then I told him when we reached the pearly gates there would only be one difference between us...he would have a lock box at the gate and I would not, cause he was not taking anything in thru those gates. I would be traveling lighter. LOL. I do not think they are any better than we are do you? You just go and have a blast, eat drink and have a great time. Treat yourselves , you and Arlene deserve it. Do not forget your camera, this is the only way I get to go to the "vineyard" this year. :):) Oh and thinking of it...isn't your everyday traffic a Grand Prix? Yikes to think of more traffic on top of the everyday stuff. Some body in office is just showing off. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  8. bless your heart, do what you love, matters only what you think.....roll up on a bicycle, cut off jeans and a belly shirt and see the snoots fall over...haha.

    Have a marvelous time deary