Saturday, May 16, 2015

I was surprised

As you may or may not know the Marathon trial is over and he has been found guilty. No surprise there. What caught me off guard is the jury voted for the death penalty. The 7 women, 5, man  jury, deliberated for a couple of days and then surprised many people including me. This is liberal Massachusetts. I suppose after hearing story after story from victims families and victims it just pushed them over the edge.

As I wrote at the time I didn't know I had a remote connection with one of the victims. She grew up a couple of turns from here. Arlene's daughters knew her, played with her, went to school with her. I saw all the television trucks around the house as I drove home from work that day. I was unaware of what happened 5 or 6 miles from where I live. I found out when I got home and then later speaking to Arlene I learned of her connection with Krystle Campbell.

This affects us all around here. It makes me proud that people around here may be liberal, but when pushed they push back. I am proud of the city as well. As bad as the layout of the roads is and as bad the traffic can be, (It took me 20 minutes to travel 2 tenths of a mile today. Road resurfacing.) this place has much to offer, though  I will avoid driving into town at all costs. I'll take public transportation. 

Today as with all days that I work, I was stuck in traffic right by the gates of Harvard. Today was actually much worse than normal. And every day there are people taking pictures of the front gate, having their pictures taken in front of the gate. In particular I see many Asians. That's a long way to travel. I see many out of state plates. I even saw one from Alaska. I feel sorry for those folks not from around here. We are aggressive drivers. You have to be at times or you'll never get to make you're turn. We didn't get the knick name "massholes" for nothing. So driving around here can be a bit of a trial. Ok enough of that. Here's part two of some of the pictures of places Arlene or my friend Dave and I went in 2009, but mostly with Arlene. You can tell the "guy things".

Oh vacation c'mon! Two more weeks. Arlene and I are burnt out. I didn't think I could be this burnt when I'm just working part time but it has been since last September that we've had some time off. I'm ready to do nothing for a week, well next to nothing, ya gotta eat. 
This particular post was right off the top of my head. It's not what I was thinking of writing originally. Not that that one was going to be some sort of cosmic showstopper. So I think I'll shut up now and publish the thing. 
I'm outta here.


  1. I enjoy off the top of your head ones. They never have to have a theme to me..but that's me. I like different things.

  2. Top of your head posts can be some of the best. Can't say as I disagree with the jury. Just too bad it will take so long to get the job done.

  3. Sometimes we think about things to remember to write about and then forget. It's OK. So glad your vacation is coming up soon!

  4. Getting caught up..somehow you are not showing on my reading list so I am going to check that out. I love coming here reading about your adventures and seeing the wonderful photos you take. I too am GLAD GLAD that soon you will have time off, ENJOY every minute of it.

  5. Blessings......
    People are tired of those that take life with deliberate maliciousness without regard and getting away with it. Perhaps knowing of his pending and consequent death will have some impact? Though I doubt it. These deliberate senseless act of violence is fast becoming a bit to commonplace. It is hard to feel safe.

    Have a good vacation....working to live can be challenging on the mind and body, its important to create balance, that's where vacations come in.

    Have a blessed day.

  6. Boston Boy, I was surprised by the out come too. But it's justified. People who do not like America can stay out as far as I'm concerned. They can go back to their countries and live there if it's so bad here. I would hate to drive in your town. But then I hate drive in our wee town at times. LOL. You cracked me up with those nicknames. Oh I know you are so ready for vacation. You'll have the best time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. A good outcome for such a dreadful deed. Driving in and around London is a nightmare also Paul , and a lot of people are aggressive . But I do prefer to take the underground train if I visit the center.
    A sigh at being burnt out , I get like that myself.
    Good post. Best wishes to you both .