Monday, April 13, 2015

Lovely Sunday.

The weather finally broke and we had a lovely day. It hit 70 degrees and the sky was a clear blue. Arlene and I had decided to take a day trip like we used to do a couple of years ago. We decided to go to the ocean. In reality the ocean is only 6 miles away. We could have been there in about 15 or 20 minutes depending on traffic. As it turns out everybody else had the same idea. In reality I wanted to go to Gloucester. It's about 48 miles away but it's all highway and it would have taken a bit longer but Good Harbor is one of my favorite beaches. I spent a good deal of time there in the '70s as my friends parents had a house there. A home that was in their family for several generations. It's built on the side of a hill so that from the front it appears to be a small one floor cottage but in reality the land slopes down behind the house and it actually has 3 floors. As I said I spent a good deal of time in the '70s. The beach was a 3 or 4 minute walk from the cottage. One amusing memory is though the cottage was built on a hill the only place you could see the ocean from the house was from the toilet seat. 

Well we set out on the nearby highway that heads north. 4 or 5 miles up the highway traffic came to a crawl then it halted. By turning on the local news station we found out there was an accident about 2 miles further on. We ended up getting off the highway and headed back deciding to go to a local recreational area. We are fortunate. Though this is a densely populated area we have several bodies of water in my hometown including a river that flows into Boston Harbor. Way back when, much wooded land was set aside for recreation so though this is a cramped, congested area we are fortunate to have some nice outdoor areas. We just wanted to be outdoors and enjoy the wonderful weather.
This is part of Good Harbor Beach. That's Turtle Island in the distance. This was taken about 10 years ago.
The rest of the beach.
  So we ended up going to the local lakes about a mile and a half from here. It was nice just being outdoors after the particularly awful month of February. There's is little trace of the 9 feet of snow we received. Good riddance!

This little video was just us enjoying the beautiful day.  
After the lovely afternoon we decided to have a bite to eat then hit the liquor store for a bottle of wine to enjoy on Arlene's porch as the sun goes down. Although the porch faces west there are many houses and trees in the way for a good picture. So we went into the store to check out the wine and what do we see?

Yup. Boston Red Sox wine. Now the Red Sox are a money making machine. The owner, John Henry, is quite wealthy and he's not hurting for cash. Well my curiosity got the better of me and I bought it. It was a cabernet sauvignon and it was quite good. Now it may sound like I know what I'm talking about when it comes to wine, I don't. If I like it I like it. Arlene is much more knowledgeable about wine than I am and she was surprised how good it was. It wasn't all that expensive at $14.99. I rarely spend more than that if I buy a bottle. Usually less. All this dovetails neatly with Red Sox home opener which is today. They are 4 wins and 2 losses so far just finishing up a series with the New York Yankees in which they won 2 out of 3. If you're a Sox fan you enjoy a win over the Yankees more than any other team. It's such a great rivalry.

So that was our Sunday. Today is just as nice as yesterday though I have no major plans. Just the usual mundane household tasks. That's all for now, over and out.

I'm outta here.      


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