Saturday, April 25, 2015


I was going to write about something different. My computer has been acting up the last week so I haven't been around. I just read Carole's blog and though I was sad before I am much sadder now. There's little more that I can add as all her friends have pretty much said it all. She was a special person to me here in the blogging world with always a kind or humorous comment on some of the silly things I have written. I am not a particularly religious person in terms of organized  religion but you can't help but hope she will receive a special place later on. I will hope for a miracle as that's all we can do as humans. I have missed her these last few months and I won't forget the Christmas and birthday cards, the phone conversations that I will cherish. This is the kind of person she was these are a few lines she wrote on her blog Dec. 2, 2013.

A birthday and an anniversary…
Happy Birthday to my friend Paul in the Boston area.  If you have a minute please stop by and wish him a happy birthday.  Paul has been my friend for most of my 8 plus blogging years.  I am sure Arlene is taking him out to a super duper place to celebrate!
It is very easy for me to remember Paul’s birthday as it falls on the date of my wedding anniversary some 50 odd years ago.  
Here are a few more pictures of Beth and family members.
Beth in the 3rd grade.

Beth and her sisters. Beth is on the right.
Beth and her sister Ebby.

Beth and her husband Jim.
Beth and her sister in law.
Beth and her brother in law.
 At this point I am really at a loss for words. All I can say is, Beth, although we never met in person, your friendship was important to me and I considered you a good and close friend.
I love you Beth,


  1. You certainly do not need anyone to vaildate your existence or make you whale dream and aspiration you don't need same also for that life's all about choices. being worn out MY friend of the soon slipped ...
    I have been feeling quite nostalgic there past few days. I love so much with Beth!

  2. What a beautiful post Paul , my eye's are stinging. Thank you so much the photo's are lovely . Oh my I don't know what to say I do miss Beth and her delightful posts. Always in my thought's and Prayers.
    Take Care

  3. Some people touch your heart, some touch your soul. Some you can never touch except in thought or memory. I feel not only her pain but yours as well. Putting a face to a name really puts that person close, whether you have known them in person or not. Beth is very special.

  4. YES I loved her too and tearfully I saw your lovely photos of her and family. I know she will be reunited with Jim and so many more and happy not to be in pain any more. Her presence in our lives leaves a hole that nothing will fill for a long long time. I am heartbroken losing our dear Beth Marie.

  5. Paul, Your post made me cry. I thought Beth was a great person and I just got to know here this past year or so. I pray she has peace. I actually found your blog through Beth's. Hugs to you and Arlene. xoxo,Susie

  6. Wow....
    Are you saying Beth died?!
    May her soul rest in peace. She was a good soul.

  7. Because Caroldee wrote that she lost Beth, Oh! I didn't realize she died. So sorry for all who loved her. Again, she was VERY special.

  8. This was so beautiful. She was one of the first that accepted my into their blogging world. Her kindness and love for all was one of the things I most admired. She will truly be missed.

  9. Very touching post. I am at a loss for words. You and Beth I have known for years through Spaces and blogspot.
    hugs my friend.

  10. Paul...I love you too for this beautiful loving post for Beth just as I love her.