Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hi Beth! Nothing special..a whine...stuff.

The hot sweaty weather is gone. It has been quite comfortable for the last few days. My sister is doing well though she will still be out of work for another 3 or 4 weeks. My car is holding up well. What the car dealership couldn't fix my regular mechanic did. For $250.00 all they managed to do, aside from taking my money, is fix my sun roof so it worked only one of the two ways it's supposed to work. They never fixed the inside water leak and they told me they would have to charge me $1000.00 just to take my dashboard apart, retrieving the cd's that won't eject was another charge. Well the cd's can stay there for now. Another problem was a slow air leak that couldn't be sealed. This is my first experience with chrome wheels. When the chrome starts peeling off where the tire seals against the rim, it can only be fixed by stripping and re-chroming. Quite expensive, or buying a new wheel. Not as expensive, but still upwards of $600.00. I already have bought one and I realize I will eventually have to replace the rest. The car is a 2008. Mechanically it has been perfect. It rides and handles well and it's pretty quick. It's good looking and it's quiet inside, 'cept when I'm blasting some live Cream. It hasn't given me any problems until this year. So some wear and tear is to be expected. I still have the original brakes.
Apart from some automotive misery, everything is on an even keel. Arlene and I are both looking forward to our little trip to you know where. This is the latest in the year we have gone. We are going late in September into October. We plan to go on a short sunset cruise. That's something we've never done. It's connected the touristy and expensive Black Dog Tavern/Restaurant/tee shirt sweatshirt/caps moguls . If you've ever seen a tee shirt or hat with a black Labrador Retriever on it, that came from the Black Dog which became famous because people like James Taylor and Carly Simon hung out there. The apparently do a phenomenal world wide souvenir business. Who knew? Anyway we've eaten there once and it was fine but pricey. There are more reasonably priced restaurants quite near where we stay. One thing I do know, It will be quiet. No crowds on the sidewalk and no traffic jams. The complete opposite to where I live. There's roadwork, construction, everywhere I have to drive locally, that could include Boston but those times I'll take public transportation. Some of these roads are quite old. There are 4 main roads in my hometown that were laid down in the 1600's.

It can be maddening to drive around here. My near 7 mile drive to work can be pretty quick if I have to go in early. If I catch all the lights I can be there in about 17 minutes. If I have an 8 a.m. or later start it can take 45 minutes to an hour.

We here in the Boston area have the reputation of being the worst drivers in the country. Well that's not true. We're the second worst. The worst are in central Massachusetts. The city of Worcester, pronounced "Wusstah" or "Wusster" if you choose to pronounce your R's. Apart from a local accent I don't know why it's spelled one way and pronounced another, but that's English for you. But getting back to driving, we are bad. That's why Arlene and I are looking forward to the 6 a.m. start from my driveway, for our trip to Cape Cod to catch the ferry. At that time Boston can be crossed in about 10 minutes and if there is any traffic, they're all headed towards the city. We will be taking the car to the island again It allows us to take more with us but storing it in the car. We're staying in a room we stayed in a couple of years ago.

Time to eat!
I'm outta here.


  1. This is the third time I am trying to comment. It tells me "WHOOPS an error happened" Huh?

  2. Traffic is bad in the "tourist town" where we are and we have to go to the grocery store as early as we can possibly get our "get up and go" ready. This is also the case in the "off" season. The additional problem is that more than 3/4 traffic isn't local and not familiar with the area. I think every state in the country is represented on these roads. I fully sympathize with you.

  3. Oh sorry about your car what a hassle!
    My that does look a lovely room quite spacious , comfy.
    Your Holiday sounds great and I think you are both looking forward to it very much, can't say I blame you.