Monday, September 22, 2014

Community Day locally

Sunday was a very nice day though it clouded up as the day wore on. Here locally we had a "Community Day". It was held at one of the schools. It was in walking distance so Arlene and I walked over. It was something to do on a Sunday afternoon. It was more or less akin to a traveling fair. They had all the usual tasty but really bad things for you. Ice cream, slush, burgers, hot dogs, fried dough and so on. There was also Haitian, Korean, Indian and Mexican food. It was really a place to take the kids on a waning, but still summer day. 

There were pony and a horse drawn carriage rides along with a pretty lame dunk tank.

We had a small, unusual collection of cars. First was the burger car from some burger joint. Then there was , I thought, the very stupid "fish car". Something to do with there being more cars in the river than fish. From LL Bean we had the "Bootmobile". The saving grace was a copy of the Batmobile from the 60's television series. That was pretty cool to see.

More stuff for the kids.


Then there were the superheroes. Here's Captain America showing a kid where to stand by scaring the crap out of him. He had already humiliated Robin. (just a little joke)

And of course wherever you find the Batmobile, you'll find...

So that was Sunday. Monday I went to a new dental office and found a place that fully explained things to me and at a much more reasonable price. I will eventually will have oral surgery. This whole procedure will begin on the Monday after we return from Martha's Vineyard. We can't wait, for the vacation, not the surgery.

On another front my computer has been acting up every now and then. It will run well for a while then suddenly it will shut down. It's a pain but it has not dampened my excitement over next week. 
Hopefully the weather will hold out. It should be rather quiet down there this time of year. OK, enough.

I'm outta here.  


  1. That looks like a really fun time Paul! You got some really good pictures.
    Have fun nest week!!

  2. Boston Boy, So glad you heard from Beth...My gosh she's been through a peril. More to go, I am praying for her. The fest looked fun. That bat mobile was hauled around for years by Steve Tansy here in Tipton. He made a super cop car, pool table car and a coke machine car. I will not swear to those names..there's been some talk about that coke car before. I hope your computer straightens out. I am also going to pray for you my know why?? That dental's painful and costly. We can have the best dentist and still be hurt and ache. Blessings to you my buddy. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. hello to Arlene and hope your trip is awesome.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Glad that it was fun.

  4. Men in tights bat mobil, hey great times. Big school. Sorry your computer is acting up. Soon Fall colors will appear. Take care.

  5. Love the bookmobile and the car pictures. It must have been a fun day. Nice summer's end for all.

  6. What a fabulous day love the cars , great shots Paul. All that yummy food bet you and Arlene had a great time.
    I love a good tasty beef burger with side salad.
    Thanks for sharing .

  7. Have fun you two. Is that really the Bat Mobile?