Thursday, September 18, 2014

A subway episode and where's my car?

A warning-This post could be long. Okay, I had tickets for a concert on Monday night. I've had them for about two months. The group, who I'm sure nobody remembers is called King Crimson. I first saw them in November 1969. I saw them one other time in 1974. So my friend comes over and we leave and proceed to go to the train station, about a mile from here. I haven't been there in about 3 years. One parking lot was full but a lot on the left was practically empty. The lights were out in the little booth where you would pay. It was only 6 in the evening. We parked and went into the station, bought our tickets and waited. The train arrived shortly and as we made our way onboard. I noticed we passed a "gentleman" who appeared to be quite drunk. He followed us into the car. He sat in the corner. I sat by a set of  doors, opposite the doors we entered. Earl sat next to me. Across from us sat a young couple. I assume they were Muslim because the woman had her hair covered, but truthfully I really had no idea who or what they were. They were just sitting there minding their own business.

Without going into everything that was said. I'll just say, the drunk started taunting the young couple. Saying awful things, cursing. Accusing them of being terrorists.The train arrived at it's next stop. The doors opened and in walk a rather burly guy holding what appeared a bag of laundry. Now I'm not sure he thought the drunk was talking to him as he entered or someone else. A few seconds passed and the big guy told the drunk to shut up. The drunk continued. The big guy got more agitated. The language back and forth was quite colorful. The big guy then said something like, "If you don't shut your mouth, I'll come over there and shut it for you!"

The drunk paid no attention and just kept babbling. The big guy drops his bag walks passed us and gives the drunk 3 shots to the mouth. He walks back, picks up his bag telling the drunk to shut the blank up. The drunk mumbles, "He hit me...he hit me..."

The train approaches it's next stop and begins to slow down. The drunk is still groaning, babbling, cursing. The train stops, the big guy gets off and drunk hasn't shut up yet. The big guy is on the platform and yells, "Come out here and say that!"
The drunk obliges and let me add this guy had a slight build. He was a bit taller than me but he had no business facing up to this substantially larger man who was mad and sober. Out he staggers cursing all the way. They briefly yell at each other, the big guy cups his left hand behind the drunk's head and delivers three more jackhammer shots to the jaw. The drunk falls like a tree. The big guy leaves the drunk gets up holding his head. "He hit me....I'm bleeding...." etc...
 The drunk gets escorted away. The subway door is still open and apparently so was the mike in the office where they took this drunk. He was still going on about being hit and the young couple and still cursing up a storm and we could hear it all over the speaker in the car.

I'll speed up the story. We arrived downtown in the theater district, see the show and take the train back. We walk out of the train station towards the parking lot. Earl, as many people these days, had his phone out walking and staring at the little screen. As we got closer to the lot I say, "Where's my car? I don't see my car."
"Isn't that it?"
"No. It's not here."
I'll shorten the story again. After calling the parking lot number and waiting we find out the name of the towing company. At this point we also discovered that you were supposed to go to the little, unlit booth to get a ticket to display on the dashboard. That's why I was towed.
The guy I talked to at the tow yard sounded really smarmy. "Yeah.. we got it. It's $" It turns out that the tow yard was about a mile and a half from my house.

I left a few details out of the evenings events but I did like the show very much.

The day before, Sunday I spent a pleasant afternoon and evening with Arlene. Once again, armed with a bottle of wine we sat on her 3rd floor porch and watched what we could of the sunset. There are trees and houses in the way of the horizon and yet the sky turned out to be quite colorful.

And here's the accompanying  video.
Alright that's it for now,
I'm outta here.


  1. I enjoyed your video. I miss seeing sunsets as here it is blocked for us to view. It seemed almost tradition to watch every nights sunsets. Your story had me at edge of my seat. Anything could have happened. Glad you are alright and sorry your car got towed.

  2. You sure do have an interesting life there! Oh, sunsets! My desire to see a real sunset is strong. Lucky you.

  3. Boston Boy, What a shame, the parking lot did have a big sign posted where you could have read it. That's a high price to park. Sounds like you were also entertain on the train...scary though. Many drinkers get a lesson the hard way. I like the clip of the sunset. Today is the first day of autumn, our sun is starting to set in a different spot on the horizon. Wishing you a great new week. xoxo,Susie

  4. The videos was great. A beautiful sunset!
    Did you have to pay the $130 to get your car back? If so, very expensive concert. :-)

  5. Oh my that was scary stuff . Sorry to hear your car got towed away .
    Well glad to hear you both enjoyed the show, and what a lovely Video.
    The first day of Autumn here yesterday , take care and enjoy your week.

  6. Man, glad I wasn't there too on the subway. Both guys were not too brilliant.