Thursday, March 13, 2014


So Arlene and I worked together for the first time since 1996. We had to cross town in a slow crawl and right when we were in a quarter mile of our destination we got lost. We knew we were close but I do have to complain about the lack of street signs around here. At one point we we're told to take our first right which turned out to be a one way, the wrong way. We stopped at a state police station for directions, Long story short we got to our destination.

Some Grand Reopening. Who has a "Grand Reopening" on a Wednesday? The slowest business day of the week. Apart from an annoying ride the day was slow. Arlene went to work in the kitchen and I was stationed behind the deli. Arlene saw a busy lunch rush with people ordering meals, sandwiches, pizza, various forms of chicken and whatever else they had over there. I on the other hand did next to nothing. Not for want of trying. I was willing to do anything just to stay occupied but I basically just stood around. By 2 P.M. Arlene came over to me saying she was bored and she would talk to the manager, who she knew, and see if we could leave. So we left at about 2:15. We plugged the GPS in and hit "Destination" "Home".
Still it was confusing. The store is bordered on the back by a public train station and tracks. Behind the station was the expressway heading north. The road we needed to be on. So close...yet so far. The GPS did eventually get us on the expressway. This part of town is residential with an expressway cutting through it and typically, streets with no signs, and a rotary (roundabout) or two. A very difficult place to deal with if you are not familiar with the area. During our escape I unwittingly drove through a red light because I was trying to see an alleged left I was to take. Fortunately none of the cars moved and this was, finally the entrance ramp to the expressway.

So we stopped at our favorite restaurant for a drink at least that was the initial plan. That's what I said we were going to do yesterday. As we approached our exit I said, "I'm hungry. Let's eat." So we ate.

Today I more or less relaxed. I took it upon myself to begin shredding all the paper that accumulates over the months. The junk mail, old bills, anything with my name and address. I thought computers were supposed to eliminate all this extra paper. I also thought about going into town to Copley Square like I mentioned before. I wouldn't mind going this Sunday except it's going to be overcast and about 37 degrees. It can get windy around big buildings and this is saved for a better day. I've been to the Prudential Center many times and it's on the edge of Copley Square but there's a lot of it that I'm unfamiliar with.
The following picture is not my picture. I got it off the web. This is the Christian Science Mother Church. I know nothing of the religion but it is a beautiful building.

My friend Dave and I went to the Prudential Center, which is behind the church to the left in the above picture. This was back in 2011. It was a warm, humid, mostly overcast day and it was something to do. More than likely I've shown these pictures before.
Below is the Prudential Building left and 111 Huntington Ave right.
111 Huntington Ave from the 50th floor of the Prudential.

The Christian Science Church and reflecting pool. The red circle at the bottom are fountains.

The fountains by the reflecting pool shot in bad light. I had to really lighten this up. But the little girl was having fun in the fountain.

There's a video of the above day somewhere. Anyway soon I'll be going to bed. There's another long day tomorrow. The best I can hope for is that I don't have to deal with the woman who looks like Ernest Borgnine.

I'm outta here.  


  1. Beautiful city you live in but then, I have said that too too many times already. Just when I think I am done, you show some more. :-)

    A lady who looks like Ernest Borgnine..impressive!

  2. Beautiful pictures/city. Never been to Boston, but hope to; at least one day.

  3. Carole is right, you do live in a remarkable area! Your pictures are beautiful!

    I bet it was fun working with Arlene. Now if your new store wasn't so hard to get to.....

  4. Hey Marty, Hey Marty ! Sorry I just couldn't resist. I saw Ernest in the movie Marty, just last weekend. I love that old film. Gaaaa, I wanted to scream along with you, as I read where you got lost, as you got near the store. Ted and I got lost on the hwy we have traveled for years...because the state had put in so many new ramps going this way and that. That is why I always want to leave early. Sorry you had aboring day...dang, I would had two drinks:):) Blessings for a wonderful weekend, xoxo,Susie

  5. You took getting lost so "in stride." I get very upset when lost and don't deal with it at all well. At least you had good company and a good meal. The pictures are stunning and you sure get around.