Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sadness in Boston

I don't know if this story made national news or not but there was a tragic fire right in downtown Boston a few days ago where two firefighters were killed fighting a blaze in an old brownstone. The fire station was just up the street nearly across the street from the Prudential Center. We have a store at the base of the building and I am very familiar with the area having worked there several times over the years. It is a sad and tragic story. And I am not in the best frame of mind  these days (work) so this has been tough to take even though I didn't know either gentleman. I watched the news this evening (Friday) as they took the firefighters back to their hometowns in a procession of fire trucks and police cars. It was very emotional.

It's now Saturday. I had a very eventful day at work. Though I now work for my favorite boss again and a good friend for over 30 years, there is someone else, second in command that I have butted heads with for the last 5 weeks. Today's problem started when I didn't bring out a case of pickles because I could have fit one more jar on the shelf. On top of that the one case was at the bottom of a 4 case stack. He got all over me for that. Then a box had fallen over in our refrigeration chest and he drags me in there and accuses me of doing it. My blood pressure shot up. I told him "check with his part timers"... and besides he was the one who put all the stuff away anyway. I told him to get off my back. I made arrangements to speak to the store director (they used to be called managers). I decided to semi retire. Go part time, work closer to home. It's not going to be for a few weeks though. I have since calmed down. It's going to be a bit of a change after 43 years (April 1st), but I don't need his nonsense. And let me tell you I would have liked to use much stronger language at work and here but I've calmed down.

Tonight my friend Dave came over. We had a couple of beers and watched a very stupid movie though it did have a few funny moments.

Well this wasn't my cheeriest post but to use a cliché, it is what it is. I don't have a particularly good schedule this week but I will muddle through.
To borrow Beth's shtick, 63 days till vacation. Ok it's getting late.

I'm outta here.


  1. Paul, I am heartsick over the loss of the 2 firemen. So very tragic! And my heart goes out to you stuck with a second in command butt hole who thinks he knows everything. i worked with a few of them in my years at the AFB! As soon as my husband retired I retired too and what a relief it was. Hang in there Paul!!

  2. It's heartbreaking how those two firemen were killed. They must have been so brave. That's awful that they died.

  3. That is so tragic all in the course of duty, haven't heard about this Paul. Heartbreaking..
    I hear they saved some residents very sad.
    Hold in there Paul sounds like a bad time your having in store.
    Take care

  4. Firemen are so brave and this is very sad. And you are to be congratulated for not blowing your top before but it's definitely sounding that it is time to retire! Stay cool buddy - you want to enjoy more years of good life, yes?

  5. Hugs to you boy, you need them. I saw about the firefighters..always sad when someone dies saving others. Some people have to act like Mr. Big... it's so hard to bite our tongues, but that shows who's the real professional . I wish you the best... some times there's no justice in the work place. Think about your nice vacation when it gets rough. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie