Saturday, March 15, 2014

More pictures. Part one, maybe.

Last blog Nookworm commented that I "sure get around" as in going places. You know, here there, different places. I have mentioned before, it took me getting a camera that started me going to places that might have subjects I would want to photograph. Apart from some trips to Martha's Vineyard I am strictly local mainly because it's cheap. Even Martha's Vineyard,  which is not so cheap, is a little over three hours from my door including drive and ferry ride. I now appreciate all I have around me.

Anyway finding those Boston Pictures the other day made me want to look at more. So I picked some out.

Here are a few other downtown shots. This is the John Hancock Building.


The Boston Public Library

The balcony you see as you walk in.

The original part of Boston. The North End. That's the Old  North Church in the background.

Pail Revere's house.

The North End is heavily Italian.

Faneuil Hall right. Historic building. Quincy Market left. Tourist trap, but can be fun.

The Constitution. "Old Ironsides" in nearby Charlestown.

The Swan Boats on the Boston Public Gardens.

A shot from the harbor.

I've lived around here my whole life and I have never been to Salem. I went to the beach there a couple of times when I was young but have never checked out any of the witch hysteria sites.
I've never been to the JFK Library. It was very close to where Arlene and I worked a few days back. I've been to Lowell Ma. many times but have never checked out it's historical sites. This is where America's industrial revolution began. It was the first planned city in America. So there are plenty of places to explore within three hours of my front door, depending on traffic of course.

I admit from time to time I will take a look at certain places I have gone, most of the time with Arlene. It's fun to look at them again, that's why you take 'em in the first place.

I'm outta here.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Boston must be beautiful.

  2. You sure got around and you sure have marvelous opportunities to explore, enjoy and learn by doing! WOW! Green monster on my shoulder.

  3. Those photos are wonderful Paul!! I really liked the one of the cigar store. really neat. And the north end, how in the world could you park a car and then be able to get it out. Is the parking like that in all of Boston?
    "Twas the 18th of April in '75" One of the first poems we were required to memorize when I was in grade school!
    Hi to Arlene and you two stay out of trouble!! :-)

  4. blessings...
    like me, i love taking photographs though i must say am in a dry spell. Its not cheap travelling around Canada, in fact its cheaper to go to the Caribbean all inclusive that here! Imagine that!

    Love the photos...have a great week.

  5. Beautiful place and yes I can see why you get inundated with Tourism . You do have a fine camera , great shots Paul.

  6. Happy St. Patrick's Day, BostonBoy!

    Thanks for visiting us. :-)

  7. I love your photos of Boston. I have been there twice...and that is not enough to see everything. You have great history in that city. I have been to the JFK library...There's more there now. I hope you get more time to tour around to the things you would like to see. Oh by the way, there was an article in the paper about 34 white oak trees having been harvested here in Indiana for repairs on the USS Constitution...I love that ship. Take care young man , xoxo,Susie

  8. One of my very favorite cities, and you have captured its character so beautifully!