Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yeah, we got more snow.

This is not news to a lot of people but we and many others have received more snow. Two batches this past week. Wednesday into Thursday for which I had the pleasure of driving home through. An hour and a half of crawling down the highway. The first two pictures were taken  Wednesday night on the front porch. This house is set up strangely. My front door is on the side of the house and the door on the front porch is just a doorway onto the front porch. This was a bedroom at one time, it's now my "office" or computer room. Not to mention it's the room where things that do not have a place yet are put.  

The next three pictures were taken last night. Obviously the location is the same. The last picture is a bit blurry as it is two picture stitched together. I took the shots quickly as the wind was howling and the snow was still falling. As it turns out we here in the Boston area only got four inches whereas down on Cape Cod the city of Sandwich received fourteen inches. I now make sure that I have a good supply windshield washing liquid with all the highway driving I am now doing. The drive wouldn't be so bad if I was traveling in the opposite direction of the majority of the people. At one time I was working in Gloucester which is about 48 miles from here but it was an easy drive heading north while most people are heading south towards the Boston area. I was there in less than an hour. I've worked in Boston, a scant five or six miles away and it's taken me an hour both in and back from work. Such is life around here.   

So what's happening today? Well first I have to get off my butt and clean my car and maybe even go out and take some pictures. Of course that depends on whether there are places to park at some of my favorite local haunts. Later on Arlene, her daughters and I will be celebrating a late Valentines Day with delivered meals from our favorite local restaurant Raso's. Perhaps a bottle of wine.

How I wish I was here.

OK writing this has put off me getting my act together. That was an awkward sentence. Time to clean up and head out.

I'm outta here.


  1. We got a fourth snow last night that I did not expect. But only the Thursday one was horrible.

  2. Well, Paul, you know how I feel about snow, especially when it just keeps on giving and giving. Just typing the word tends to make me a bit barfy. That said, I have to admit that snow is beautiful while it is falling., if it would just fall somewhere other than on my car.
    Your photos are Christmasy and beautiful. The header photo is gorgeous!
    Stay safe on your commute to and from work.

  3. You sure did get some snow. Love the header and your porch photos.
    We all seem to have a room where odd stuff is put. Sounds like misfits room?
    Have a nice dinner!

  4. After our one day ice storm in SC I'll take snow any time! I really like your neighborhood sepia shot! My 3 day slide show is posted now and I'm back!

  5. We received more snow last night and they say more on and off next week. I know everyone is had enough. Pictures are nice, pretty even.

  6. I'm sorry for too much with more snow,I have in Australia in Melbourne for no raining for many monthh just driving is ok Bat all over flowers in gardening lose their dropping its leaves.
    We both have a back to nomary weather back soon! Your pictures are beautiful!
    I was my body was getting better thank you for God!
    Have a nice day!

  7. The opposite here Paul, buckets and bucket's of rain. I do prefer the Snow, the devastation here in part's of the country are shocking. The shots are beautiful must say. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Evening , sounds delish.
    Best Wishes Sheila