Friday, February 21, 2014


Crossroads is a song written by legendary bluesman Robert Johnson. I was made aware of the song by the '60s band Cream. The group that made Eric Clapton a superstar. That has nothing to do with what I will write about except that Clapton was a big influence on me personally guitar-wise. I have recently been transferred to a location that has a very affluent clientele. I don't have a problem with that. I been there before. I have dealt with clientele at both ends of the economic scale. Not to mention the middle. If you drew a line from my house to where I work now it's about 12 miles. Around here there are few straight lines. There are many ways to get there. None of them easy. Time-wise they are all about the same. Mileage-wise there's a difference. In complete confession I admit taking the longest route, only because it's simple in execution. I have no appetite for driving through town every day a various times. This has fueled my thinking of retirement. I don't like working here. It's not the customer. I do find it amusing that  some people get all dressed up with minks and jewelry to food shop, but I really haven't had a problem with them.

Many things have changed in the last few weeks and I feel I may be "standin' at the crossroads". The company has been in full panic mode for many reasons and I don't think I want to deal with it anymore. There's more to life than corporate lunacy.

I could mention the weather. I was off today and I didn't go anywhere. We had a rainstorm this afternoon. Complete with thunder and lightning. Normally I don't get bent out of shape over the weather. I accept the fact that where I live, we are prone to getting snow in the winter but I do have cabin fever. I want to go someplace, preferably outdoors. Maybe Sunday, if the weather cooperates, because it's back to the deep freeze next week.

Last Sunday I went to the lakes to see if there were any photo opportunities. Nothing special. The snow had fallen the day before.
     The was lots of snow about and very limited access to the shore or any of the grounds.

Then there is the Amelia Earhart Dam at the other end of the upper lake. That's it, left of center, left of the tree with the white snow stripe, in the distance.

Then there were the porch photo's. Beth said they looked Christmassy. Well I had one for a header photo around Christmas.

We had snow 5 out of the 7 days last week and this week. 

Here's Arlene's house. She lives on the third floor.

There's where I live. Where you see that light on the first floor is where I sit typing this.

And finally a shot up the street.

Not an exciting blog I grant you but a blog non the less. It's getting late and I have a load of laundry to gather and put away, then it's night night.

I'm outta here. Ooh the waters cold!


  1. Love the song crossroads. You know since you mentioned retirement....I got my first ss check this week. I am now officially um something. Feels good I admit. I applied online and they called to verify and the next week a check. They sure have speeded things up since hubby retired. He waited six months! I have seen many folks loosing their pensions etc when their jobs were erased. I would not blame you one bit for thinking at the crossroads. Hope you get out an about and shake off the cabin fever. You could take the risk and go out in semi bad weather. Ahh, the good ole days.

  2. Blessings, just came by to wish you a fabulous weekend. Love the photographs.
    crossroads....human beings are ever before them.

  3. It looks like PA in the snow stripe tree picture. The street view is nice. There is nothing like retirement and we love it. When you work so hard, both mentally and physically through all of the past years, it just feels good to do what we want to do, when we choose, how we decide and the freedom of working "have-tos" becomes very pleasant. There is a time........

  4. I am so sorry Paul that you are at a 'crossroads' right now. I hope that things become clearer to you!
    I love the photos, all of them!! It is great to see the light in your window and know that you are working on your blog.there.
    I know that spring will come and we will all rejoice! I know I will. And you know Paul that I love to complain about the weather! as I do it on a daily basis!
    Hang in there! Life has a way of catching up with us all.
    Take care!

  5. Hey. Been at that crossroads and I took the feeling as a nudge in the "get outta there" way of thinking so I did. I loved my work. It was tough, nerve wreaking and fraught with overtime. I always said I would be the richest Lt. in the graveyard. Several things here Paul. I hope you go with it. Retire if you are able. Find part time work somewhere of you can to keep occupied if you wish. Next, I LOVE seeing where you are, light included. I enjoyed all of the snow scenes and lastly, I laughed out loud at your comment on my human blog. That was the best EVER!!!!!