Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just words

Oh this computer! I can no longer view YouTube videos. I may be able to post a video on my blog that you can see but I'm not sure about that. Yeah I'm whining but in reality I have it pretty good. Every time I start to think, "poor me" then I think about the guy I see on trash day pushing a shopping cart looking for soda cans and bottles. More than likely he has all his earthly belongings with him.

So my computer is not functioning properly. So what? Two or three days of getting up at 4a.m. is not a pleasant thing especially when it's very cold and yet I know I have a warm home to return to later. So in reality I'm doin' jess fine. But this computer is really annoying me. Still I have to repeat that at 4:50 this morning when I went out to start my car... I mean if I had a choice of staying in a warm comfy bed or going out in the dark at 5 a.m. and it's 10 degrees... well...

I also have to apologize to a couple of you out there, I haven't checked my mail box in about a month. I checked to see if my credit card bill had arrived and I saw an email from Carole and Nookworm. I'll get back to you. Also opening an email can be a problem. According to my Norton anti virus my computer is clean but something is wrong.

I guess I was whining again. Speaking of which, I still have a bottle of wine Arlene gave me on my birthday. Perhaps tonight would be a good night to crack it open. I'd invite her over tonight except she has an early shift tomorrow whereas I after three 6 a.m. starts have to work until 8 p.m. tomorrow. I don't to leave for work until 10:30 a.m. Of course that means I get home at 9 p.m. 

This is what happens when I just sit and just write stream of consciousness. I  had no subject matter except whatever popped into my head as I started to write. And this just popped into my head, thanks to everyone for the kind words on my photos. I wasn't fishing for compliments because you folks have always been very kind to me. I think I'm getting better at it. From the camera end of it, my camera is mostly beyond me. I'm not a technical person. I just want, whatever it is, computer, camera, car, to just work. I'm only mildly interested in how it works. Where I think I've improved as a photographer is framing a picture. The composition. That's the creative aspect. That's where my abilities, such as they are, are. I've only used a handful of settings on my camera. Sill I do enjoy taking pictures and looking at them later on. Selecting the best, then trying to enhance or improve them with my photo program. It's a fun hobby.

Still getting back to our work schedule, Arlene and I don't get to take as many little local side trips as we used to. There are still plenty of places for day or weekend trips here in Massachusetts and the rest of New England. The last two years those activities have been curtailed save for our twice a year visits to Martha's Vineyard. We are heading back on June 1st. We can't wait! Then we head back in mid September, which is the best time for us. Both times are perfect. The weather is nice and 40 to 50,000 people haven't arrived yet or have all gone home. 
Arriving there by ferry.

Sunset on Oak Bluffs Harbor

The marathon happens in April and they are already talking about the heightened awareness and new regulations. More closed streets. I am reminded of it every day. I know I wrote this last year but every day I drive past Krystle Campbel family home. She didn't live there at the time of the marathon but she grew up there. She was the same age as Arlene's twin daughters. They went to school together. They played together at each others homes. As I mentioned last blog Arlene lives next door to me. She grew up in that house and has lived there a good portion of her life. After the bombings last year Arlene and her daughters were greatly affected. I in turn was and still am affected by this. Every day I drive past the Campbel home.
Well I better end it here. I have a phone call to make. Guess who? Then I believe I'm going to have that glass of wine.
I'm outta here.




  1. Gee, your hours at work are long. I know what you are saying about not be techy...Gaaa I am lost with so much of this stuff. I would like to know more. I went to Martha's vineyard once on a trip to Maine and back. I loved that place. I could not believe how much stuff they could get on those ferries. Wishing you a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  2. Hey, nice to met you. Great blog with BEAUTIFUL photos!


  3. "Blogzilla" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  4. Live, from your next post!
    I read this post and there is no comment from me.
    I swore I commented.
    Dang eh? These techy things aye?

  5. How did I miss this post. Sorry Paul!! Love those photos. I am glad you got some new visitors!!!!

  6. I missed this post too! WHAT? Sorry you aren't able to watch YouTube videos. I really like yours!