Saturday, October 5, 2013

What a charming week this was...not.

Let's see, I could be bitching, moaning and groaning about my first week back during this blog. My days have been long. This, of course, was not my choice. Whether it was a sick call, poor scheduling, just not showing up or the hit of the week, a new hire, on the clock for just 10 minutes. Another worker is showing him around. The newbie excuses himself to use the rest room. I leave and he never came back. I don't know what he was being told. For all I know he was told, "Oh and by the way, be careful with the slicer. It can cut your finger off." At least I wasn't there for that one. Both Wednesday and Thursday were straight 9 hour shots. I can't tell you how many times a person has come up to the counter, the deli counter, in 42 years and ask's "Do you have ham for sandwiches?"

Perhaps they're handing out free samples of stupid pills at the door again. I know I know I sound awful. Maybe this person never had a sandwich before or this is her first time shopping for food, but when you deal with the public you will come across all kinds. I work in a very urban area. It's only about a mile to the Boston line and there is definitely a difference in the clientele from an urban area and the suburbs. At one time the city I work in was the stolen car capital of the U.S. I know. Back in the 70's I had my car stolen 3 times there. It is small, 4.2 square miles holding 77,000+ people. 40 years ago the population was nudging 100,000. It has changed since those days and for the better. You still get the locals who have lived there, their whole lives and  people who moved there for it's proximity to Boston and many college students. There are many Asian students. Some who can barely speak English and yet are quite pleasant and are often easier to understand than a local who has lived on the same street for 40 or 50 years. Ah life with the public.

A little peace of mind.

So here I sit Saturday morning waiting to leave for work for my Saturday late shift. I am going to try and weasel out early since I have overtime. I may be able to watch some of the Red Sox playoff game early this evening. Boy did they look good yesterday. I do believe I am going to hunker down on Sunday and not do much of anything.
Well thanks for reading my whiney blog entry. Work beckons.
I'm outta here... in 7 minutes.





  1. Ok enough pity party and get back to work! (At least you found time to vent first.)
    "Time is a river that flows 'round the bend, never to return to the places it's been…"

  2. My Cardinals and your Red Sox. Anything could happen.
    I am sorry this has been a tough week for you! By the way, what is the price for your top selling sandwich ham there> I buy some occasionally and it is $7.99 a lb here (at Kroger) unless it is on special.
    Beautiful photo Paul.
    I put one of your lighthouse scenes on my i(ad 2 for background. Beautiful!

  3. Disregard all of the mistakes in my previous comment please. That should read iPad 2. And change the thingy to a question mark about the price of the ham.

  4. We all need to vent at times. Letting go must help the BP. That picture is just gorgeous.

  5. blessings....
    The fact that you have the time, energy and clarity to bitch and moan means you are blessed and in good health hence everything else is just cake and you will roll with the punches and land on two feet.

    Sure is nothing like watching stuff live but if all else fail just TUBO it!
    have a great week.


  6. Working with the public can prove very interesting , but at times very exhausting..
    Great shot looks really lovely.