Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Busy, Monday. Part One.

Let's see. I had to bring my car to the mechanic best there appeared to be steam coming up from the vents for the windshield. Long story short, it never happened at the garage and all was normal. it was about 10 a.m.  I had a dentist appointment at 1p.m. On the way back from my mechanic, I stopped at this back up water reservoir, Spot Pond. It was a beautiful day and I had taken my camera with me. The leaves are really starting to turn.

I still had time to kill before a 2 p.m. dentist appointment so I took a 15 minute ride to one of the lakes in the western part of my hometown.
So I went to the dentist. Later at 6 p.m. Arlene and I were "recruited" to cover a food show that was being held at a local food importer/distributor's warehouse facility literally around the corner. Arlene's daughter has a website about our home town and she usually goes but she had a class (she's attending Harvard!) and couldn't make it and asked us to go. She got us two free passes ($40.00 a ticket) and we roamed around taking pictures and sampling food. Italian food. This distributor imports Italian products. There were representatives of area restaurants, bakeries, wine distributors, Pastries and what else?  A sushi chef.

You guessed it. I have pictures, but not now. I've got to go to bed.
I'll try to be back tomorrow. Wednesday is the World Series. Beth, I want you to know that I think The Cardinals are a very good team indeed. They are quite capable of beating the Red Sox. These two teams have a World Series history. It will be chilly in Beantown Wednesday night so bundle up.

I'm outta here.    


  1. Sorry your car got steamed. Love the photos. Such beauty to drink in. How cool to go to the food show and sample. Would love to see your photos. Chilly here too.

  2. We miss the PA Fall show of colors, and these were sure pleasing and similar as we remember.

  3. What beautiful pictures. Each would make a wonderful wall display. The trouble would be which one to chose.

  4. Those pictures of so Beautiful quite breathtaking! Good you enjoyed the food show , I bet you both enjoyed that, Italian food to yum.
    Look forward to the pictures .
    Have a good week.

  5. I am just now seeing this post Paul. Your posts are not showing up on my dashboard.

    The photos are beautiful Paul. Thank you!!

    P.S. Last night's game was very painful to watch. :-)

  6. Like I said..or more grammatically, AS I said, you live in a beautiful place.