Saturday, October 19, 2013

Busy weekend around here.

First of all I think it's time to take my computer behind the barn and shoot it. It has been given me problems, sometimes it works and allows me to post, well, we'll see about that. It is a busy weekend around here. The Red Sox are one game away from the World Series and we have the rowing competition called the Head of the Charles Regatta. They expect about 300,000 people along the Charles River as rowers from all over come to Boston for this yearly event. It is the oldest rowing competition in the world. Couple all those people with the people that will be in and around Fenway Park as they are one game away from the World Series. This could be wonderful or a big disaster. Hey Beth we could be facing your Cardinals very shortly and as I said before the Sox owe the Cardinals. They have beaten us twice in 1946 and 1967. Should be a great series.

Unfortunately for me I work close to the Charles River and traffic can be awful even for a 4 mile drive, add all those people and cars... well I guess I'll find out as I have a late shift today 2p.m.-10p.m. I'm not happy about this and though I'm off tomorrow (Sunday), I don't plan to go anywhere near Cambridge or Boston though I sure I would like to take some pictures of all this. I was on part of the course when I went on a couple of cruises on the river about six weeks ago. It should be beautiful with the trees turning color.

Thursday night I went to the local library for an evening with Jeff Belanger. He's a local guy from Massachusetts. This was all about ghosts, monsters, aliens and urban legends. He was a writer/researcher for the Ghost Adventures series on the Travel Channel. He has appeared on the History Channel, Biography Channel, the BBC and PBS. He has a program coming up soon on PBS but he wasn't sure when it was going to air. I can't say I believe in any of this and he never said he totally believed and yet there are still many unexplained things that happen. He was funny and entertaining, with an accompanying  slide show and best of all it was free with coffee and cookies. He covered some local, national and international mysteries with alleged pictures of ghosts and the like.

Alrighty then I have to get ready for work in a bit. I'm not looking forward to this. Talk about a shift that tears the guts out your day. OK no more whining,

I'm outta here.  


  1. I used to hate working a late shift when I was working for the telephone company. After I started working for the government I worked 6:30 to 3:30. Jim worked the same shift which made it nice.
    That was really some game last night. The Cardinals knocked the stuffing out of the Dodgers. I hope your Red Sox win and we can have some friendly competition. :-) Have a great day Paul and don't work too hard.

  2. blessings....
    love the header photo. Hey look at the bright side, you are working!

    Have a blessed day ....
    and a fab weekend

  3. Congrats to the Red Sox!! See ya on Wednesday at the ball game!

  4. You sure do have opportunities to attend special events at your library! I would have liked to be there, though I am unsure about ghosts and unexplained events.

  5. PAUL! I'm sorry about my extended absence, but I am VERY glad to be back and catching up on all of your adventures!
    I hope you are well.

  6. Fascinating Ghost's monsters and aliens always , although to believe in them is a different thing. All the same I may have found that very interesting Paul.
    Have a good week ahead.