Monday, February 4, 2013

Started writing this on Sunday morning finished on Monday.

So here I sit on a quiet Sunday morning. I may not finish this until this afternoon at some time. Do I really care about the Super Bowl? I may or may not watch it. I am not a die hard football fan unless, of course, my team is involved. They came close but no cigar. I suppose I could root for San Francisco to beat the team that beat my team, then again my team got beat fair and square. I really harbor no grudge against The Baltimore Ravens. To me it's only sports not life or death. Entertainment, like watching a favorite television series. I do like the city of San Francisco. I feel a kinship in as much as Boston and San Francisco share a lot of the same qualities being cities steeped in culture. It looks beautiful and it's a place that I would like to visit. I have been to California a couple of times. Once in 1979 to visit a buddy stationed on an Air Force base near a little town called Victerville. It was in the middle of a desert. My buddy, a local boy from here loved it. Me? I wasn't to keen on the blistering summer heat though it did afford me the opportunity to visit nearby Las Vegas for a couple of days. I did gamble away $50 because if your there you might as well give it a shot once, though $50 was a lot more money back then. I went back in 2006 to visit another friend of mine. She lived closer to the coast and the coastline there is quite beautiful. I enjoyed my week there. My favorites were Sea World in San Diego and Venice Beach. A very funky place that quite appealed to me. There are the body builders working out by the beach. All strutting around with a "Look at me! Aren't I fantastic?" attitude. I could have done without that but it's a different world than where I come from. If I ever would move to California though it would not be in the southern part it would be San Francisco. That of course, will never happen because I am a dyed in the wool Bostonian, even though I live just outside the city. Massachusetts may be a national punching bag on many issues but if you look at state by state and world rankings we have nothing to be ashamed about at all.  
I see that I have strayed from what I was originally going to write. I guess that's what happens when you drink a lot of coffee on lazy Sunday, now afternoon. What was I originally going to write anyway?

There's a very light coating of snow on the ground and there are flurries lightly falling from the grey skies. I suppose some of that California weather wouldn't be too bad right about now. According to the weatherman this morning, normally at this point in the winter we should have had an average of 23 inches of snow instead we've had about 3 or 4 inches. Now if we could just eliminate the cold. 

OK now it's Monday morning. A few things came up and I had to stop writing. I did watch the game and oh well, the Ravens won. And so we move on.

Once in a while a customer will do something that will perplex and amuse you at the same time. I was at one of our wall cases at work. My department is at one end of the store. There are doors at either end and one in the middle. There is a door right near where I was working. A woman walked towards the door and stops and then says, "How do I operate this door?"

How do you operate a door that has big red letters that spell out "AUTOMATIC SLIDING DOORS". How did you get in the building in the first place? Have you been asleep for the last ten years and they built the store around you?

I told her, "Just take a step or two forward and the doors will slide open automatically." Hence the wording, "AUTOMATIC SLIDING DOORS".

I know spring is near. Just as they do in Pennsylvania with Punxsutawney Phil, we have started a new tradition up here, well at least in the store where I work. We saw our first rat peaking out of trash barrel at the entrance to a park next door. Now I couldn't tell you if he saw his shadow so we aren't sure about length of winter. We named him Apoxuponthee Ed.

The weather has been pretty gloomy and cold. It made me look at some pictures and video from Martha's Vineyard. It was warm and serene in those pictures and videos. Serene because we always go just before or just after the tourist season. We're heading back in May.
I've posted these before but they're worth a second look for there calming effect.
So if it's cold and gloomy where you are, take a little mind vacation with me to Martha's Vineyard.

 I suppose this is one of the most disjointed blog entries I have ever written. It's taken me two days to put this together due to unforeseen circumstances. Nothing bad, just trivial things that happen in everyday life. Apart from some chores that I must do, I plan on doing absolutely nothing before going back to work tomorrow.

 I'm outta here.


  1. The videos are awesome Paul when they are viewed full screen. You do live in a wonderful part of our great country and you have every reason to be proud.
    Don't work too hard this week! ;-)

  2. Love your video's. I like your disjointed post. Do that myself at times. We watched the football game (that's all it is to a Packer fan, lol). Both teams were talented and deserving but there can be only one winner, so congrats to the Raves.

  3. I enjoyed your videos. Beautiful area. It's quite alright to be disjointed every now an then. Yet if it were a phone call an wait ah minute becomes tomorrow...doesn't work for me lol. Stay on the sunnyside this week. Our ground hog here is ah weezel. Willard the weezel. He never came out of his hole. Too damned cold!

  4. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!

  5. Enjoyed your Video's ,it's very Beautiful where you live.
    Have a good week, oh so funny about that confused Lady LOL