Saturday, January 26, 2013


Last Monday (21st) I went to the Auto Show. The picture you see below was one I thought I had posted on my last blog. It's actually 4 shots stitched together. This is a big place. 

A view from the food court at the Auto Show.

The lighting wasn't always the greatest in some spots and sometimes people were crowded around some cars. This was my favorite car there. A Bentley
Here's a video of most of the photo's.
The video took an ungodly amount of time. I'm not sure if it's my computer or the Internet or my particular connection to the Internet. It's not the fastest. More than likely it's a combination of all three. Well I soon must get ready for work. It's a late shift. I probably won't be home till 9:30 or so tonight. If I have the energy when I get home I'll look in and and see what's happening in the blogger world. If not I'll do it tomorrow morning. Then it's off to another Sunday driving adventure. Hopefully it won't end up being another aimless driving experience like two Mondays ago. Time to hit the showers.

I'm outta here.


  1. Wow!! The shot that you pieced together is amazing. What a sight. The video is great too. I like that song playing. I have never heard it before. And now I want a new car.
    I hope your trip tomorrow goes as planned. :-)

    1. As always thank you Beth. The song is from 1967, a band called Cream. It was the group that made Eric Clapton an international star. They were huge rivalling the Beatles for record sale in their little over two year existance selling 35 million records. They were huge then broke up. They called themselves Cream because they were the top instrumentalists on there instruments. I saw them in New York in 2005 when they reunited. Just about my favorite band.

  2. Awesome shot and the video too. How my husband would have like to go to something like that. He gets the Oldies Car Show here once a year and that's it.

  3. Great video! Husband loved it too. Thanks.