Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday was Martin Luther King Day. A day set aside to celebrate his birth. It was also the public presidential inauguration ceremonies. It was also the last day of the auto show. Monday is also my regular day off so my friend Dave and I drove into town and hit the convention center. The show was what was to be expected of an auto show, but we're guys and we like cars. I thought I could hold out until dinner time but the scent of fried food wonderfulness, just the foods I shouldn't eat, wafted through the air and clicked the hungry switch on. There was the usual variety of fast foods, Asian, Mexican, a pizza/pasta counter. We were also looking out for some coffee when we came across this bar/fast food looking place with a couple of large Sam Adams banners hanging up. "Why buy overpriced coffee when you can buy overpriced beer?" we reasoned.
So we saddled up to the fake bar and looked at the real menu's. It was the usual suspects, fish and chips, burgers, lobster rolls (lobster salad in a hot dog bun), veggie burger and so on. We both settled on a overpriced cheese burger and fries ($9.95) and an overpriced bottle of beer (6.95). To be fair the meals did come with 3 packets of ketchup and we had the option of having a plastic cup for our drinks. Things have a way of balancing out. Here's a shot as we were coming out of the food court over looking part of the hall. It's a wide one and pans to the right.

I may post some pictures later on. The auto show and some pictures was going to be my whole blog. I certainly was reminded several times that it was MLKjr Day and I certainly remember when he was shot and killed in 1968. That made me remember Bobby Kennedy being shot that same year along with Governor George Wallace. The Viet Nam war and sweating out being drafted. I never was. I remember where I was, as others who were old enough to remember, when President Kennedy was assassinated.

Quite a bit has happened during my lifetime. So many social, political, medical, scientific changes, disasters, breakthroughs, wars, triumphs and tragedies. I remember when the Russians beat the U.S. into space. People building fallout shelters because the Commies might drop nuclear weapons on us. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Those were scary times. I got to watch on live television, the first moon landing. I got to see (on tv) and hear The Beatles and was smack dab in the middle of that mid to late 60's era of pop culture. Long hair. All the fuss seems so silly now but back then it was a hot topic. I personally had a great time during that era. The United States was booming during the 50's. Everything was bigger and better.

I'm know there are many things that I have left out like the computer. How has that changed everybodys life? Maybe it's just hitting another age bracket where you tend to have more reflective moments. Whatever it is, I suddenly came to realise all that has happened and is happening at an accelerated rate, during my lifetime. It really is quite a story.

I'm outta here.   


  1. You are so right Paul. New things happening every minute. I am so glad that I have lived long enough to see such wonderful things and some not so wonderful things.

    I will be looking forward to seeing the pics from the auto show. Take care!

  2. Oh what lives we people of the 50's have led and oh what changes have been made on the fast track we ride on the trip through our time.

  3. Such memories. I think we all remember where we were when JFK was killed but you know I can't remember where or what I was doing during the others.

  4. Gosh, I remember all what you mentioned. Does that make me in the upper bracket? I hope this comment posts. Been having trouble or tribles with it. Croutons are not aliens! BTW LOL!! Would love to see the photos.

  5. I was think about at computer that more ME back to 2005 at MSN internet Explorer and
    The united states was booming during the 50's every thing was better.
    I still enjoy with your peoples and other country as will.

  6. I remember all of that. Not Katie Isabella but me, her "mom". :-) The computer has or had, rather, changed my life in significant ways. I reflect too on those events you mentioned and I remember them fondly. Seems like an eye blink away..not years.

  7. blessings...
    nice car....
    No jags?
    love jags...

    have a great sunday and a fantastic monday