Saturday, August 20, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation.

Nothing.I haven't had one. I'll let you know if something happens though. Wait! I take that back. If I'm not mistaken Fall begins on September 23 this year. I will be going back to Martha's Vineyard or The Vineyard (that's what we jet setters call it) September 19-23 so it still is technically summer. I have to go after Obama leaves. We can't be in the same area at the same time. National security and stuff like that. I am excited about that. This time I plan to do a bit more sight seeing. I really want to go back to the clay cliffs on the other side of the island. The last time it was very foggy. There's also a nude beach in the area. Chances are I won't be going there. I would also like to visit Chappaqidick which is a small island off the southeast tip of The Vineyard (remember,jet setter)  `which used to be connected the larger island by a thin 2 mile beach. As of 2007 that beach is gone due to a severe storm. The island became famous or more properly infamous on July 18 1969 when Ted Kennedy accidently drove off the Dykes Bridge into the water killing Mary Jo kopeckne. I will try to see that bridge.
The population year round is 172. When someone from Chappaquidick goes to Martha's Vineyard the say they're "going to the mainland". When they're going to Cape Cod or Boston they say they're "going to America". Or so I have read. 
Apart from all that it's such a wonderful, peaceful, quaint place to be to recharge your batteries and as you know they are not included. I will report in from down there with my teeny little travel computer. Maybe some pictures fresh from the day.

I'm looking at my desk. After seeing a picture of Beth's desk I would be ashamed to show you my desk What a collection of diverse things. I only let things get out of control in this room as it is my hangout most of the time. The true me. There a small mesh strainer that I bought from a buck. You could fit it over a coffee mug. A set of headphones. A rechargable flash light Some papers having to do with the insurance policy of my old car, A posted note pad with something scribbled on it that's unreadable. A pocket dictionary. I should use it. Some pens. A moniter from my desktop computer which sits there idle, unplugged. Old and in the way. A phone which I hate unless I have to make a call. A couple of pens. A small spiral notebook and my autographed photo of Rip Taylor. 
Well it's been more than a week since I've blogged. I still don't the word blog. It's sounds like something you would do after a night of heavy drinking. I'm up writing this on Saturday night. I just finished a 9 pm workshift. As I am still awake (Duh!) I decided to write this now. Tomorrow I will go out for breakfast with a friend, a lady friend I might ad. After that we might take a ride out to Walden Pond. It's not far from here. I used to fish there30 or 40 years ago. Yeesh! I hate the fact that I can refer that far back and I was already an adult. Anyway Walden is a beautiful spot. Henry David Thoreau lived there for two years and wrote a book called Walden. Essentially it was about conserving natures beauty. Essentially it is the birthplace of the conservation movement. It's a national landmark. It's a pristine place. Maybe some pictures. Still it's just a pond.
It's time for me to go to bed. Flip on Saturday Night Live, fall asleep and not watch it.
I'm outta here.  


  1. Your going back to a place I would love to go someday. Wow .
    and Blog your so funny.
    Summer is going to fast and is almost gone. I love Autumn. Might just disappear into it. :)
    Be good.

    Have a wonderful rest of the night .

  2. well u and me both. i dont think i've ever had one.

  3. Hi Paul!
    As is my way, I'm just running through & wanted to say Hello! HELLO PAUL!
    One of these days I'll have a few more free minutes to blog improperly and catch up on your writings & such!

  4. Hi Paul,
    I think your blogs are very entertained I'm sure everybody enjoyed read it and I am too.
    It sound a lots of place you go to the Martha's vineyard and specially the nude beach that you might take a more then you need time there?
    Have a good rest tonight.

  5. I'm glad no one sees my desk. It would send neat-nics into a faint. Only take pictures of it when I have it all nice and neat.

    Will be looking forward to you vacation pictures when you finally get to go.

  6. Hey little bro, my desk is very messy. I swept everything off onto the floor before I took the pic. :-)

    I am so glad you have a lady friend!!!!!!!! Makes for more interesting reading. lol

    Seriously, I am always happy to see a post from you and hear that you are OK!!

  7. Normal people have messy desks. It makes you look busy and smart. Have fun today at the pond. I am hoping for photos at 11. Does John boy live at the pond?

  8. I have a small desk in the kitchen. And my computer is on a large one here. But I have a mania about keeping horizontal household surfaces clear..which makes others detest seeing my desks. :-)))