Saturday, April 9, 2011

While I have a minute, maybe two.

I know I haven't been around as much as I would like and I have to say I feel guilty when I miss a day or two of blogs. With the tough economy my work schedule is all over the map. I can start work at 6 a.m. or 2 p.m. Not to mention once a month there's inventory and that starts at midnight. This kind of schedule is very disruptive to sleeping and eating habits not to mention just the everyday domestic chores such as laundry and housework. Yeah there's a bit of whining here but hey it's my blog. Still I'm luckier than many other people. I live fairly comfortably, have food, friends and some money tucked away. I chose this line of work for good or bad. The bad, dealing with the public (sometimes) and ridiculous company decisions. The good, I have been employed steadily for 40 years at the same job (40 years as of April 1). I also have to say in just the last 6 months it has started to get to me. I'm hoping for an early retirement when I hit 62 in a bit over 2 years. Of course there are many factors that could change that. I'm hoping they don't occur. I'm in good health and reasonably good shape.

I remember my brother in law saying that he would never retire. After all what would he do? Then he got laid off about 6 months ago and now he loves it. He is fortunate that my sister is still working and they have some money tucked away. If I had about twice as much tucked away as I do now I would do it a.s.a.p. but that's not the case.

Hey the Red Sox won a game and it was at the expense of our dreaded rivals the New York Yankees! It's about time they won! They were touted on the cover of Sports Illustrated as being the eventual winner of the World Series. So what happened. They lost their first 6 games. As Red Sox fans do, it was all doom and gloom. They complain that the Yankees spend their way to championships. Buying top players for oodles of money. What the Red Sox faithful forget is that the team that spends the second largest amount buying top players is their own beloved Red Sox. We've had more than our shares of championships around here in the last decade. We're spoiled. I'm not a sports yahoo. I do enjoy sports but I'm not going to slit my wrist if a team loses a game or a championship. It's just sports, entertainment, a show.

Outside Fenway Park a couple of years ago.

A shot from atop the left field wall also known as the Green Monster. 
 Alrighty then. It's about 9 p.m. on Friday evening. I'm about out of gas. I'll publish this on Saturday morning before I go to work and I will visit around when I get home from work.
I need a vacation.
I'm going to bed and
I'm outta here


  1. Hang in there little bro. I bought a ticket for all of the lottos yesterday. There is still hope as I haven't checked my ticket yet. :-)
    I love baseball, of course for me it is the Cards. They haven't started off well so far. And Pujols future with the Cards is tentative at best.
    The pictures are great. Good shots!

  2. Phillies for me. Hey your Sam Adams beer is REALLY hot around here now. It came from up North not long ago at all (I mentioned it to you) and now..I see it everywhere.

    BTW, I'll holler if the squirrel battle heats up again.

    I LOVE the pictures!!!

  3. Loved your view thought your lens and words Paul. I dont care for baseball and did play at one time.
    But..One of my fav sayings is Alrighty Then . Too fun.
    Paul thank you so much for your kind wors. Means so much too me.
    xoxo My Friend.

  4. Looks to be a very good idea Paul, so hang in their especially if it's in your own interests and pays off at the end. Hope you have a stress free week, take care Sheila. ps still waiting for that video recording (voice)

  5. Been retired a few years and wish I could have done it earlier than that.

    Brewer fan here, but anyone who doesn in the Yankees is okay with me. Was a Braves fan of course, before they abandoned us. But, hey, there are still the memories of watching Aaron, Mathews, Schoendist, Crandall and the others.

  6. blessings my friend......
    Money tucked away huh, well I'll say that is a lot better than most. Sometimes the work tip can be a pain in the ah..... u know but its a blessing none the less. You allowed to whine every so often its healthy keeps it from backing up inside you and furmenting.

    Even with the crazy schedule try and eat three times a day and get at least 6 hrs no matter the time a day. If its day make the home night by covering all the windows and visit dreamland.

    Take care of you....
    fingers cross it all works out the way you want.