Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanks Everyone

I want to thank everyone for your kind words about my uncle Sam. What I saw from the service's showed Sam to be a man that was well liked and loved by friends and family alike. There was a large crowd at the wake. His four daughters put their differences aside and pulled it together. Of course we were saddened by the passing of a man who was so robust and full of life and laughs. We all met back at a local restaurant and there was laughter as everyone shared stories of my uncle. There was a very touching scene at the cemetery as one of the two military people handed the folded up flag that draped the coffin to Sam's great grandson being held by his grand son Brian.
The lady who handed the flag over was from the Coast Guard. She said something to the child but I couldn't here what she said but when she was finished he audibly said "Thank You."

As for the other things in my life, I am on a new schedule at work. Hopefully temporarily. I am working until 10 pm. My day has been turned upside down as I have to take care of things around here in the morning. These new hours will revert back, I hope, by next week. As it is I will be taking a few days off this week and should be back on a more regular basis by Wednesday. Now to get back to my laundry, another cup of coffee, then off to work.

Thanks again my friends.


  1. Hugs too for you from your big sister!

  2. Sommore hugs and we'll keep the isp light on for ya.

  3. Blessing and my condolenses on your uncle's passing

  4. Adding more hugs and hope your schedule gets back to 'normal' soon.