Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm gettin' this one in early.

I've already been up for several hours as I do have a busy day ahead of me. Last night I had to sign back into google. I didn't find that unusual as that happened to me before. However last night after typing in my password a screen popped up asking me for my phone number as a way to get my password if I forgot it or if my account got hijacked. "Take this blog to Cuba!" They promised not to call or send me any messages. I didn't do it. I don't trust them. What's to stop them from selling phone numbers? They didn't promise that? Many companies do that. How do you think you get all those annoying phone calls from entities that you have never had any contact with. Stores do this. I'm not biting. Remember how Spaces was always "improving" things and making it more difficult to maneuver around and cluttering everything up. Then suddenly the blog section was eliminated. Why? Maybe because they weren't making any money from the blogs. I have no proof of any of this. I'm just wondering. They have my email address. Now they want my phone number. Why don't they just ask for my bank account number? Shades of those shifty people at Spaces. You always have to be aware of the sharks in the water.

As April 1st approaches so does a snow storm. It appears that where I am, about 5 or 6 miles from the coast we will just get rain or perhaps a coating of 1 to 2 inches of snow. An area 30 miles northwest will get 6-12 inches. Hmmm...I remember April 1st 1997 we got a 24 hour 36 inch blizzard. Wouldn't it be fun to relive that day again? No. It would not be fun. There are still some piles of snow in parking lots around the area though they are now ugly blackened heaps. I was in Boston on March 17th and it was a beautiful day around 70 degrees. What I found humorous was seeing people in t-shirts and some all bundled up like Nanook of the north with their furry hoods up. They looked like they were peeking out of a bears butt. 

Ok I have lots to do so for now...
I'm outta here.


  1. I had the pop up on me once too. I also ignored it. I don't give my phone number to anything like that. Need my phone clear as MIL has life alert and it doesn't need to be cluttered up trash. I believe you have the right idea on what they may be up too.
    Suppose to get snow here tonight also. Enough already.

  2. Paul, I have to tell you something I witnessed some time ago:

    Steve and I were in the checkout lane at a local store and, ahead of us, an older lady--maybe 70 or so years young--was completing her transaction. She should have simply handed over her currency or plastic, but, no...the questions began. The cashier commenced to ask about her birthdate, telephone number, address, and so on, and without skipping a beat the lady provided the information. Steve said nothing; he already knew what was going through my mind.

    I was stunned by the whole scenario, knowing that the lady was handing over all the info the store needed to make big bucks off of her information--and that of everyone else who volunteered it, all for a "buyer's club" perc of some kind. I wanted to warn her, but didn't.

    A lot of folks still don't realize that personal information is no longer so personal, and it's a commodity with a monetary value just like any other.

    I agree with your estimation of the scuttling of Spaces by MSN. Blogger appears--for now--to have no particular agendas. Perhaps that will change if this venue is sold to another corporate entity with its own purposes in mind.

    I'm gradually detaching myself as much as possible from MSN--no longer use my hotmail accounts (loaded with spam) and no longer use Messenger for chatting with friends.

    Regarding pop-ups, I've seen them, too, and am surprised that they're still being used. You'd think that most internet users are aware of the dangers pop-ups pose.

    Then, again, there are still lots of underinformed souls out there; plums ripe for the picking...

    I hope your busy day goes smoothly, and that the snow storm you anticipate fizzles out before it reaches you.

    "See" ya later, my friend...

    (Sorry for going on so long; you have this habit of making me think. You're dangerous that way, you know.)

  3. I can say the same for you Marge. You have written many thought provoking blogs and you can write. I just type. Thanks.

  4. All of the stores want your life history now. I have never had google do that though. I think I would run the virus scan if it hasn't been done automatically.
    Just rain predicted for here for tonight and tomorrow.
    Ciao little bro, stay safe.

  5. I had that pop up once. You know my career and how "secretive" I am. My Face Book is locked tighter than a drum and what I have to so little and so protected I'm not overly concerned. I never told FB, Blogger or MSN any of my data.

    I'm busting to know what MSN Spaces or whatever it's called is like now. Anyone know? Someone said they are like..or trying to be like FB.

  6. I have nothing to do with spaces or email back there. Over there? Ennaway hope you have your Nanook bear butt to keep you warm for the upcoming blizzard.

  7. I am tired of they(all them) asked sign,date of birth,telephone,Cell phone etc.
    I had youTube for signed Yahoo and it okay to working then now Flicker asked to my Yahoo sign...
    somehow not working I had write on notebooks,
    how I could be wrong.

    Sometime you get storm in the spring time Paul,
    You need keep warm.

  8. Blessings....
    Oh good Lord, don't these people have anything better to do? Can't they find a job or better yet a hole to crawl into and scratch themselves to death. Geewhetherspoons!

    Bloody glad you are wise to those jackasses (excuse my language). Have a good day eh..
    Peace, enjoy your weekend as well.

  9. Hi Paul I to had a pop up I delete them off immediatly flipping things. April 2009 we had snow for one day , here in the South West of England. By lunch time it had gone. Hope you have a good weekend. Sheila take care.