Thursday, March 17, 2011

When this little trip into Boston was planned I gave no thought to St. Patricks Day. It's not a big deal to me being Italian yet it served to color the day with a greenish tint. The weather was most cooperative with a cloudless sky and temperatures in the low 60's. It was kind of amusing seeing some people in t-shirts and others with overcoats with hoods or hats. Clearly these are people who don't listen to weather reports or are just complete morons. Another amusing thing was listening to one particular radio station this morning. They gave the forecast for yesterday which was quite rainy.

The original plan was to go to one of the two Cheers bars in town. We went to the one at Quincy Market. The only part of the bar that was like the one on the show was the bar itself. The other one was the original one used for the exterior shots. Quincy Market was bustling. Total tourist trap to be sure but still a fun place. Yes I took pictures. What I did was upload them to the Pic Place. The place where I uploaded photos when we were all on Spaces. I'll put a couple up here and the link to the album over there. Aparently the photo album section is not going away. Uploading was not without it's problems as several times there was a a glitch with adding a caption. Some things never change. Here's the link. Please let me know if you can access the photo album.
I had lunch at Cheers. At first I was going to have something from the menu but seeing it was St. Patricks Day I decided to have corned beef and cabbage. The meal was tasty but it wasn't as good as my Italian mother used to make. All washed down with a mug of Sam Adams lager, natch! After walking about  Quincy Market we made our way to Columbus park on the harbor. It's a lovely spot that would have been lovelier had things been in bloom but it's still only March 17th. After that we made our way to the North End. The North end was bustling with people. A trip ti the North End would not be complete without a visit to one of the many pastry shops there. There are a zillion restaurants there but a meal will have to saved for another time.

So there I was looking like a tourist, complete with camera in my own hometown. Well almost my hometown as I live 5 miles north of Boston. I did the touristy thing by buying a mug at cheers. I was amazed that they only cost $6.00. In the North End I had to stop at a pastry shop. I bought two loaves of real Italian bread (real crust, not a wimpy, mushy crust like most store bough "Italian bread") and a chocolate mousse cannoli. Below is a picture of my booty.
So that was my day on St. Patricks day. I hope the link to my photo album works.

OK it's late on Thursday night. Tomorrow I'm back to work. Really 3 days off is not enough. In May I'm planning to head back to Martha's Vineyard. I can't wait. It's before the tourist season and the last time I went, in late September, it turned out to be a most relaxing time. Nighty night

I'm outta here.


  1. Blessings....

    Happy St. P day...
    big bread, love the pics.

  2. Glad you had a good time. Cannot get in to see photos.

  3. Really enjoyed this post Paul what a place you are so lucky. I did manage to see all your photo's smashing thanks. The bread looks good my kind of loaf. Take care Sheila.

  4. Like this post a lot. Pictures are really nice. You know, to me, nothing every tastes as good as Mom used to make.

  5. The photos are all great Paul. Did you eat all of the cannoli or did you save us some??

  6. I would vote for you no matter what office you ran for Paul. :-)

  7. You cheated! You said "here's a picture of my booty" and I never saw it.

    What I want to know is: were you pointing it at us or were you standing? Were you still jeans covered? Inquiring minds, you know.

  8. I'm bit like you St Patricks Day is nothing to do with me,I'm Japanese :-)
    All the photos are very nice that I love the Italian bread,though it would be with cheese is nice.