Sunday, January 16, 2011

These were taken the day after the storm at work. As usual the day after a big storm is always a beautiful day.
This was taken Friday.  It was overcast.
The house seen through the trees is the house from, "Over the river and through the woods to grandfathers house we go" fame. I guess those trees are all that's left of the woods. The river however is still there.

This was the video I tried to post a few days ago.

The driving is slow and sloppy. Today (Sunday) is another beautiful day though it's cold. I'd like to salute all the morons ( I really wanted to use a much stronger word here) who continue to drive like there's no snow at all. You don't shoot out of a side street when you can't see what the traffic is like because of the high snow banks. I'd like to salute the morons who only clean off enough snow to see out the front of the car. I'd like to salute the morons who clean their cars off but leave a large slab of snow, 6, 8, 10 inches thick on their roofs. Eventually it will slide off the back into the path of the car directly behind you or as you come to a stop and it will slide ride down over you windshield. How lazy can you get? Not to mention stupid. Parking spaces are at a premium. I am lucky to have a driveway to park in. To answer "Catches the eye" who I believe is Sheila, we got 18 inches of snow on top of the 18 inches we got the day after Christmas. Still it's not like living in Buffalo, N.Y. This is not a knock against Buffalo it's just that they get much more snow than we do. This is probably more the norm for them. Our weather is just more unpredictable. Almost every weather system that makes it way across the country eventually passes through New England. Storm systems may weaken or strenghten when they get here. In a couple of days after this cold front leaves it will warm up to the 40's and we will have some rain. It could be another big snowfall if it was cold. OK enough about the weather. 
Later today there will be a big football game between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets. If you live in the northeast a particularly in Boston and New York the sports rivalry, not matter what the sport, except maybe for hockey, is always a big deal. This time around the Jets have been adding fuel to fire big shooting off their mouths. Insulting individual players with expletives while the Patriots have been quiet. The Jets have painted themselves into a corner if they lose and there is a very good chance of that. Their coach is even a bigger idiot than his players though to be fair it's not all the Jets players that are shooting their mouths off. All they are doing is adding fuel to the fire especially if they loose and loose big just like they did several weeks ago during the regulars season 45 to 3. As a New England fan and a fringe Bostonian there's nothing more I would like to see than the loudmouth Jets go down in flames. If the Patriots loose, oh well it's just sports. It's not the end of the world. It's just entertainment. A three hour television show. You can't have everything, besides where would you put it. OK, it's time visit around. The insanity of the holidays has finally worn off. It takes a few weeks for things to return to normal. Factor in the two blizzards in two weeks and it can leave you discombobulated. By the way if you aren't discombobulated are you combobulated?
I'm outta here.   


  1. Hey. I had MAYBE an inch of snow and was totally miserable. I can't imagine the kind of snow you've had...and FORGET about Buffalo! NO WAY could I live there.

    Stay warm.

  2. Mornoic drivers aren't unique to Massachusetts, Paul; we have more than our share in Iowa. It's pretty scary when you're driving down the highway, more careful than usual, mindful of the other drivers who traverse the same slippery pavement, and idiots pass you like you're standing still. Some motorists here also don't clear all the snow from their car windows, but I've noticed that some don't even take time to clear it away from their lights and license plates. When I see that, I hope with all hope that they get ticketed for their laziness (or maybe they just have something to hide, in the case of the hidden license plates).

    We were supposed to have a big snow storm pass through the midwest and lingr through Tuesday, but so far, there's been nothing but a lot of overcast. I'm starting to feel the absence of sunlight and it's really wearing me down; we haven't had sunshine for a few days now.

    I'm afraid I don't follow football (I heard gasps of horror from all over the country about that), but Steve does from time to time, just to stay current (people talk about the sport all the time where he works, and he likes to be conversational on the subject). Sometimes, I'll cheer on the team opposite the one he supports, just to keep it interesting.

    I'll probably not be around blogger for a few days--got a lot of sewing to get caught up--so I'll see you around when I get back.

    Discombobulated? I haven't seen that word in print for a log time, Paul; it's a good one--says what it means.

    Discombobulatedly yours,


  3. I have to say I do find it amusing when the parts of the country who don't normally get snow get some. There are cars off the road and big pile ups on the highways or freeways, depending on what you call them where you live. When I was in California a few years back it amused the locals no end when I called the freeway a highway.
    We don't normally get 3' of snow in two weeks though. It's a little cramped around here right now. Still, people think I'm crazy but I don't really mind it. Comes with the territory.

  4. Paul please say a few words on your next video. I would love to hear your accent. ;-)
    My accent is called 'quaint midwestern' and Carole's is lovely southern.
    I agree about the stupidity of drivers when the weather is bad.

  5. Here Here Beth..I agree with you although Paul doesn't usually speak with a pronounced Boston accent I don't think. I believe I remember him mentioning that one time long ago.

    We get the (I know I have said it many times) ball bearing snow. The icy snow that even a few inches cause havoc because we are on hills and slopes all around here in east Tennessee. You oughtta see the hill outside of my house I have to negotiate if I have to go out. I agree though that the idiots who just can't be bothered to get the snow off of their vehicles before they go rocketing down the streets showing us all how unafraid THEY are of conditions..should all be ticketed if the police weren't so busy working the accidents the idiots are in.

  6. Love the video Paul that is an awful lot of snow and thank for your explanation. I agree with Beth I to would love to hear your accent.Sheila

  7. Hi Paul,
    Your video shows that I am not enviable for that even we don't have the snow in here,
    your friends expect to hear your voice in next video LOL!

  8. I finally made it to your blog. I have been semi-bobulated lately. I think there's a remedy for that. You DO have some snow over there. Not that you didn't know of course, jist sayin. The wondering of what your voice sounds like. Have you ever wondered what your blog friends voices sound like? Maybe totally different than you thought?
    How about that game eh? Jets beat the Pats butts LOL! I loved it! This weekend is the ultimate game...Dah Bears nose to nose with the Packers! Oh man the last time that happened in ah playoff was back in Pearl Harbor day. Seriously.
    Snow here and dang cold-er than normal. Hope you have a great week Paul.

  9. Blessings.....

    Oh I love the last two photos, the black and white landscape make the photograph seem dated, fantastic.

    thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure