Monday, January 24, 2011

Brrrr...Did I mention it's nippy outside.

As I write this at 2 p.m. on Monday. the temperature has risen to 10 degrees. It is nice and sunny. We have another snowstorm hanging over our heads. Most of the weather people are hedging their bets as to whether we will get socked with one to two feet of snow Wednesday going into Thursday. All except for the guy on the local NBC affilliate, who on Sunday night said we will get 1 to 2 feet of snow. He might end up like looking like a genius or an idiot. One thing he did do is whip people up into a frenzy. It is good for business when you work in a supermarket but it still makes me laugh how much stuff people buy. Especially perishable stuff. I have lucked out with being off today and not having to go out at 6 a.m. in 2 degrees below 0 weather. Unlike tomorrow when the temperature will soar to 10. I will also luck out on Thursday with a day off if we do indeed get clobbered again. I will have to shovel though.

Let's see what else...I made shrimp scampi the other night. It turned out OK. I still have not got the right combination garlic, parsley and lemon juice but most importantly I did not over cook the shrimp. They were perfect. My pronunciation however of shrimp scampi the next day was suspect. Scrimp shampi. Shimp scrampi and shimp shampi. This was all to the delight of my co workers.

I think most of us will agree that texting while driving is dangerous. Is it really important that you tell someone or receive a text informing you that Bill just scratched his ass because he had an itch. Witness this self absorbed twit.
Junk mail department.
It amazes me what some people will fall for. I'm sure everybody gets junk email. You do have to be careful not to be fooled by some. Years ago I was fooled by an e greeting card. I had been online for about a year. I opened one and fortunately my was warned by my computers security program. What about that Nigerian prince. Maybe there's a boat load of princes. And there are some princess as well. Since when have I become their "dearest"? I am not your "dearest". I am not interested in your business proposition. Nor do I need your debt relief.
I am not looking for a "date" from "Facebook daters alert". I don't care how many babes are interested in me. Well I am interested in babes but lets be realistic.
I am not looking for "A new miracle herbal male enhancement supplement". Thank you very much. I'm fine.
Somebody named Mark Tunde is offering me compensation for my assistance. Did I slice some baloney for you?
Ho Chen Tung. No I didn't get your last email unless it was you who offered me the "knock off Gucci handbags at incredible low prices".
Someone named John Bishop sent me an email titled "Are you dead?". You'll have a long wait for an answer. I suppose it could be some kind of goverment program to put the dead back to work. C'mon you slackers! Get out of that grave and get to work. Just because you dead doesn't mean you can't get a job and contribute to the tax base.
I got an email from Jim Beam. Really? An email from a bottle of burbon?
Celine Bahlinger sent me an email regarding my "special hello". I didn't know I had a special hello. Unless you're talking about the one that could get me arrested.
I even got an email from the United Nations. The U.N. was ready to give me $500,000 because I have been scammed. 

OK. My Patriots were beaten by the Jets. I have to admit that they were outplayed by the jets. This of course brought out all the Jets fans around here. Shooting their mouths off just like their fat load coach. A total classless bunch. I will be listening to the sports talk shows today to see if any of them show up after losing to the Steelers. That of course is doubtful. They're just a bunch of front runners. Rex Ryan, their coach, is still running his mout, pledging to be back next year to go after the championship. There's nothing wrong with that but saying nobody has a right to critisize him or his team. Oh just shut up Rex! You've been yapping and critisizing all season. Here's a tip. Have a salad. Toodie I will be rooting for the Packers. There's no love for the Steelers around here. They pulled the same crap years ago. They talked about mapping out their victory parade route before they even played the Patriots in a playoff game. They got spanked and the Pats went on to win the Super Bowl. Still this year they have acted with class but I can't root for them. Still thank you for beating the Jets.

That's all for now.
I'm outta here.


  1. Blessings.....
    texting/fountain spill funny but the woman is suing saying that the security guards fail to help her and inquire if she was ok. She claims they were callus and intensetive (deliberately misspelt to adapt to the way she said it).

    We's had some cold whether here, -22 Saturday, -36 Sunday, -18 today....burrrrr

  2. Thanks for making me laugh Paul!! I cheered for the Bears but the better team one and so I will be cheering for the Packers now.
    I saw that silly woman on TV. When asked if she learned a lesson, she said yes, never text while walking and then laughed like she had made a big joke. I don't think much of that guy that put it on you tube though.
    Enjoy your days off!!

  3. I'm pretty much ranted out about the snow, Paul; I'm defeated and utterly resigned to it. Let it come. Let it bury me under yards and yards of cold, feathery whiteness. Que sera sera, and all that...stuff.

    I've got one email address I use for login purposes and ewsletters, because I know for damned certain that the site owners are going to sell my address to the most buyers they can find. Let 'em--I simply delete their lame messages when I find 'em.

    Funny, how did they get the idea my , um, appendage required enhancement.

    I don't even have one. Jeez...

    I guess I'll just have to agree with you on all your sports stuff; I don't follow sports--

    I heard that collective gasp!

    --and most likely never will. Just a Marge thing.

    Hmmm...Scrimp shampi sounds good. Got leftovers?

    You're a good egg--now set an extra place at the table; I'll be there for shimp scrampi tomorrow at noon sharp. Don't disappoint me.

    Vito and Guido don't like to see me disappointed.

    (*hugs Paul bigly*)

  4. Dearest Paul (I thought you'd enjoy that 'dearest' part.) Say are the first person like me that can unconsciously switch letters of two words and not realize it till everyone is laughing and repeats what ya said. The mind and mouth have a miscommunication once in awhile. We would have ah hell of ah real conversation LOL! Jist satin your ah hoot Paul.
    I have seen the weather map and notice Boston is either getting dumped with snow or rain or more storms or? Seems the weather has a highwy or stairway to Boston lately. Hey, that could be a song! Stairway to Boston! Just follow the drift!
    I remember you talking about thermal underwear and they didn't have your size. I do hope you found some or a snowsuit. I'd rather layer myself as snowsuits are binding and you can't remove wedges easily.
    The Pats actually sucked (sorry). The Jets were amazing (sort of). Glad the Jets won yet sorry the Steelers won but The Jets did suck playing. It shall be some game and I DO hope the Packers win.
    Lessee, no got nothin else to babble about. Keep warm and be safe! Always wear protection ..from the cold. Wear a hat and muffler. LOL no, I'm not gonna go already did ha haah.

  5. I loved the references to the Nigerian Princes and all the others. My Yahoo email is full of that stuff. I'm about to make you terribly jealous though. Did you know that *I*..yes *ME*, I am their darling. Not you. Why, I get email after email starting with Dearest and Darling. So, I can hardly believe YOU do as well.!!!

    I get a zillion male enhancement ads for products and no male parts do I have. I have a kazillion emails from love starved women, asking for my favors..maybe they know I have access to enhancements??

    We're expecting snow too but not like you guys have been slammed with. Admiral sends her love.

  6. Me again. I was checking to see if you blogged again. Nope.