Thursday, January 27, 2011

And it's only Jnuary

Yes Carole I have actually published a blog. The problem was I published it on a blog that I do not use. I goofed. I will attempt to copy and paste it over here where it belongs. Hopefully I will be able to put the pictures in the same spots as I had them. This is not my usual font. Still I may stick with it. OK below is what I wrote just a while ago.

I finished shoveling about 2 hours ago as I begin to write this. I am none the worse for wear. It was a much lighter snow than the last two previous storms. We didn't get as much as before but we still got another 12 inches. The biggest problem is where to put it.

This is my street at about 9:30 this morning. That's a neighbor clearing parking spaces. A big problem. I am fortunate to have a driveway but I have had to deal with parking on the street before. It's no fun parking several blocks away in somebody else's spot. There can be retaliation. By the way the guy is wearing his winter shorts. I see this from time to time in the store. It's below freezing and there's always some bozo in shorts. It's always the men. Women on the other hand do come in in their pajamas.

So we're up to 60 inches and counting. we average in the 40's most winters.
That's a 6' pile at the end of the driveway. It's going to be a while before these mountains of snow disappear. There is more coming but nobodies sure if it will be a big storm or not. The weather people keep referring to blizzard like conditions. If it is blizzard like then isn't it a blizzard? Pancakes aren't pancake like. They're pancakes. I am none the worse for wear though. (Hey I already said that!) The shoveling was a good workout and apart from wanting to go to sleep I feel good.

That's my landlord with his snow blower. I shoveled my stairs. That's where the awning is on the side of the house, cleaned my car. That path on the left behind my car and the sidewalk. You can see how much snow is in the front yard. That's how much I've shoveled from the last three storms. Or were they blizzards. They could have been snow events. I like that phrase. "We're going to have a snow event." Is that supposed to be politically correct? Hey we don't want to insult the snow. Snow has feelings too you know.

The shot on the left are from my stairs. Those are my living room windows.

OK it's time for me to tie up the loose ends of the day then enjoy some do nothing time. I am a big believer in do nothing time. It helps keep me sane for my next bout with the great unwashed tomorrow as I head back to work.

East St. Louis Toodleloo (That's a song) my friends.

I'm outta here.

ps. This blog did not come out the way I originally intended it to. I'm not sure why some of the text is blue. It's all pasted together. This picture was originally in amongst the text.  Above is part of the sidewalk approaching the driveway.


  1. What can I say except that I feel really chintzy for complaining about our paltry snowfall this winter. To date we have had a bit over 31 inches which has been strung out thru last month and January. You got some really good pictures. Your house is very nice too!
    East St. Louis is in Illinois close to where my brother lives. It is filled with career criminals. I would love to hear that song.

  2. Thank you Beth. Perhaps I should learn how to spell January. This blog took me way too long to post.

  3. That's snow alright. I'd recognize it anywhere. Now the man in the shorts.... that's jist not right!
    You could shovel snow in your trunk and haul it away for room. Jist ah thought. I thought you had a nor'easter without the bunny. In any case you seem to have things under control. Good job!

  4. I googled that song. The music is awesome on it!

  5. I must said I am not envy your cold snowing place Is that every winter's time happening Paul?
    I hope strong the sun would help to melt the snows?
    Why not you could wear one of the stripe pajamas
    which I sent to you the last Christmas present for shovel snow...I really looking forward see next your post in your picture Paul...

    Have a quite time do nothing and read a book.
    I 'll send to you a bottle of Whiskey that make you warm up.

  6. GOOD GRIEF Paul! That reminds me of the snow in Wasserkuppe in Germany and in the Swabish Alps!! Does it always snow like that there? Heavy price to pay to live in a beautiful City and State. :-)

  7. I dunno, Paul; I think I need more snow.

    Snow is so pretty, like fluffy little feathers floating down, down, down...

    I think I need more of it; send it to Iowa. Now.

    Pardon me...the men in white coats are here for me now...they look all white and fluffy, like the snow...

    8 )

    (Jeez...I think I need it to be springtime REALLY bad.)

  8. Blessings.....
    You got a sh*t load of snow there.....whooo careful when shovelling eh. Have a great day and a joyous weekend

  9. As I look at the results of your snow event, I am looking out my window at bright sunshine and looking forward to today's baseball opener in 70-degree sunshine. Have I mentioned that I love the South? Ha! I get whiney somewhere around 40 degrees, and if it's raining or windy with the 40 degrees I'm always tempted to call in sick so I can stay home. Ha! Take care. Stay warm. And wear long pants!

  10. Wow and wow again I have never seen so much snow, except if I lived in Scotland as they have had a very bad time up there , Dec and still due to get some more. The West country where I am is well known for it's wetter climate. But it is worth it Paul, after all it's where your heart is . I must admit it is a lovely place to live. Great photo's thanks for sharing. Sheila