Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hey did you hear about the flight attendant in New York that got into it with a passenger who was fiddling with the overhead compartment while the plane was still rolling to the terminal. that's a big no no. Now this guy did it in style. Anybody who works with the general public can relate to what happened. I have a  fantasy, no not the one involving an Indian war bonnet, a car battery and a can of Cheez Whiz but it involves me going off on a customer and quitting in grand style. Of course all of this hinges on me hitting the lottery and not telling anybody until after I create a scene and quit, as I said, in grand style. And speaking of customers a little old lady came to the counter and she suffers from what a lot of people suffer from. The inability to tell me what she wants. Simply looking at something I can't see is not the way to go about placing an order. Lady this ain't the psychic deli. After asking nicely if she could tell me what she wants she takes it to step two. This involves pointing at something I can't see. She says, "This one. What it is." This is where I wish I had the giant hammer I used to see on Monty Python. Inevitably it comes to me walking out on the sales floor and getting her to point once again so I can read the sign. If I hit the lottery this might have been a chance for me to act out my fantasy. The one about quitting. I am always amused at the hapless husbands who come in with a list written by their wives. On his little note this mans wife had written a half pound of D&W turkey breast. D&W stands for Dietz &Watson. The brand name of the item. He didn't know that so he gave it his best shot and asked for a half pound of dark and white turkey. 

I opened a Face book account in 2008 because an old friend from Spaces had opened one up and invited me to do the same. Well I never did anything with the account and basically forgot about it. Then I received and email notifying me that someone who I haven't seen since 1980 was trying to get in touch with me. I went to Face book and discovered a number of people had tried to connect with me. Several of my old Spaces friends were there as well. I'm not really sure if I want to get involved with it as I barely have enough time to maintain this place. But then again I may be singing a different tune in a couple of weeks.

Let's see what else is going on. There have been  a lot of shark seen off our coast here in Massachusetts. Many beaches have been closed at various times. I'm ashamed to say I haven't been to the ocean all summer. Fortunately there have been no attacks as the sharks are following the seals as they migrate. I would love to see a shark, from a boat of course not swiming towards me as I enjoy a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Well that's about it for the moment. This week I have three days off in a row and I am looking forward to that. I plan to make a trip to a place called Hammond Castle up in the town of Gloucester. John Hays Hammond was an inventor. The only person who had more patents was Edison. He is know as the father of the remote control. Back in the 1920's he built himself a medieval style castle on the ocean. He filled it with artifacts from the Roman Empire, Medieval times and the Renissance. It looks to be a nice day on Wednesday so I should get some nice shots. If I do go I will post some pictures here and all of them in an album on Spaces. Ok it's time for me to attend an inpromptu jam session. I cleaned  and restrung my guitar. It's time to make some noise. I will be back to visit around later this evning.
I'm outta here  


  1. I used to dream about leaving my last job with the AF in grand style. And believe me when I say I did it. It was time for inspection from headquarters ATC and I handled the officer part of the performance section. I gave my 2 weeks notice to co-incide with the day before the inspection. I smiled for weeks afterward. Your day will come Paul!

  2. Glad to hear your making some noise. Did you ever think of pointing also? This one? That one? LOL! I chuckled at the white dark turkey ha haa. Your trip sounds exciting Paul. I do hope you get lots of photos. Have fun my friend.

  3. I've gotten to the point where I don't watch much telly anymore, Paul; I just don't enjoy it as I used to. There's a couple shows I don't like to miss--NCIS and CSI--but that's about it.

    Oh--I remembered a customer quirk I thought might give you a chuckle: when I was working at a local dry cleaners as a seamstress (we did alterations and repairs), there was one customer who called to find out if we did "altercations".

    Yep. It takes all kinds to make a customer base.

    I hope you'll let me know if/when you go active on FB; it'll give me yet another reason to bug you--I mean visit you.

    Enjoy that time off; I hope the weather is great and you have lots of opportunities to get some wonderful shots!

    "See ya later."


  4. Marge I still don't know about FB. As I mentioned I am having difficulty getting to and maintaining this page. I haven't been to Spaces in about a month. I pick my spots on television. I just have to remember to sit upright when I watch if I lay down I don't stay awake long.

  5. I did Face Book finally a few months ago, but I mentioned to my friends and bloggers right off that I don't do games of any sort as they are time suckers and I don't have the time and I don't like games. Sadly I can't accept on-line FB gifts either as they require you to give up your friend's privacy as well as your own. I am locked up tight and no one has yet found me unless they tell me first so I can friend them instead. What a winner I am..,I know. :-(