Thursday, August 19, 2010

8.18 2010 part deux

After leaving the castle we drove 2 miles up the road to Gloucester Harbor. Gloucester is the historic fishing town about 50 miles north of Boston. Remember the movie "The Perfect Storm"? The Andrea Gail left this harbor in 1991 never to return. Here's a little movie of Gloucester Harbor.
 Here are a few pictures from Gloucester Harbor. All the pictures from yesterday are posted over at Spaces. I'll see if I can put a link on this blog.

Well I've spent way too much time on all of this. I have been working on the pictures since last night. Making the little movies and writing all this stuff. It's time for lunch. Once again if you want to see all of the pictures they're over at Spaces. I'm done for now.
I'm definitely outta here.


  1. I'll go over to spaces. Great photos and wish I had been there as well. I love things like that.

  2. Great photos! Love it! I will try to git to your space sight um try. Spaces has given me trouble lately.

  3. Spaces?!! Giving you problems Toodiew!!! I can't believe it! It's so unlike them not to be running smooth. My thanks to both you ladies.

  4. Loved this! I will go to spaces now and see if I can get a better look at the photos.

  5. I too loved this and I think I did see that moving Paul. Love your seagull. Soon they will be leaving this area for the winter and the geese. Will send them your way. Gessh what a thing to bring up.. Snow and Ice and we havent even had a Season change. We do have leaves turning here already and seems to early . Have a great Sunday Paul

  6. I'll make a side trip back to Spaces later, Paul; it'd be great to see more of your photographs there...if MSN will let me back in.

    I love words and images which convey thoughts of the sea, my friend, and you've given me a lovely marine "fix" today. Thank you for that!!!

    Yer still a good egg, and don't'cha forget it.

    8 )

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  8. Paul, I tried to leave a link to a video I did of a poem I wrote about the sea, but it didn't work, so I deleted it.

    If you'd like to see it I'll find a way to get the link to you. If you have a Facebook page, let me know; I can make the link work for you there if we're FB friends.