Monday, December 19, 2016

Marathon movie

Mark Wahlberg has been making the rounds promoting the marathon bombing movie both nationally, and locally. Our plan for Sunday was to go to a local restaurant for a bite to eat and return to Arlene's and watch the football game. Both Arlene and I had seen the various ads for the movie as well as interviews and late night television appearances by Mark Wahlberg. I remember that day. Seeing the television trucks in my neighborhood. Wondering why there was a truck from New York there. I soon found out what happened on that day.

I later found out Arlene's connection with Krystle Campbell. Arlene's twin daughters and Krystle grew up together. They played at each others houses when they were kids. Every time Arlene hears a reference to the bombing she gets emotional. My only connection to all this is through Arlene and where I happen to live. 

Still this city has a connection to Krystle. As I have been going all the saved pictures I have I came across some pictures of Krystle's funeral that I took. These are only outdoor pictures.


Then I found these pictures of a trip Arlene and I took five years ago out to western Massachusetts during the Fall. Once you get out of the greater Boston metropolitan area it's a whole different world. It's rural and hilly and really quite lovely.


Then I found this clip from around 2007. It's a harbor boat ride of some sort. I don't remember if it was from a trip to one of the harbor islands, a whale watch or just a fast boat ride. I apologize for the cheesy music and shaky camera work. Still I think it was a fun ride.
Ok that about wraps this entry. It's back to work on Tuesday then I am off from Friday until Jan. 3 2017. I will officially be in my 46th year of employment with this company. How time flies.
I'm outta here.


  1. Boston Boy, That is sad about the victims of the bombings. I know Arlene must think of Krystle as like a daughter. My girls had friends while growing up that are like my own children. I love your pictures. You do have it all where you live. The ocean, city and country views. Plus all that history. Not working till the 3rd ...will feel like a mini vacation. Hope you are getting settle into the new apartment glad you did not have to leave a good neighborhood. Blessings to you and Arlene, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. Wishing you and yours and Merry Christmas .

  2. Some things and some people are never ever forgotten. That is a true fact. My heart goes out to Arlene. As for your country photos, YES! Lovely and peaceful. Glorious in beauty, and the city you live in has advantages that don't exhist in the country - you have beauty there as well - and magnificent history and structures. Hope you have a great new year and think more about retirement.

  3. I remember seeing the bombing on tv in disbelief.
    I only have a few minutes before my battery needs charging. So with that Happy hillarious wonder New Year! Now to recharge the battery and recharge my drink LOL!!! HUGS!