Friday, December 16, 2016

Hammond Castle Goucester Ma. .Sorting through things...and blah blah blah

So I was staring at all the stuff that I stuck in the spare room. I either wasn't sure where to put it or if I should keep it at all. I see things that I have carried with me for years and wonder if it's not time to part ways with selected items.

I have taken the last week of the year off. I have been yapping about permanently retiring and you never know, I may begin the new year retired.

I have been taking pictures as a hobby since about 2005. I make no claims as a photographer. I just point and shoot. I don't fully understand all three of my cameras and I really don't care. Still I do like taking pictures. Going through some saved pictures, if I want to keep them or just lighten my load.   

Back in 2010 Arlene and I took a ride to Gloucester Ma. About 25 to 30 miles north from here. Specifically to the Hammond Castle. John Hays Hammond Jr. was a scientist who held over 400 patterns and is considered the father of remote control, specifically as it pertains to missile guidance systems. Anyway he designed and had the castle built on a cliff in Gloucester Massachusetts, overlooking the ocean. The Castle housed his collection of medieval artifacts, living quarters and his laboratory. I think it was built in 1926. The Castle sits on 7 acres and you can take self guided tours through most of it. It can also be rented out for weddings and various social events. I had a bunch of pictures and video clips that I took. I spent way too much time playing with the pictures and video clips. Still it kept me from doing laundry, washing the floor, or any number of constructive endeavors.

There are some shots and clips from a bit down the road at the Gloucester fisherman memorial.  

I also found shots from a concert I went to in 1970 at the rock club The Boston Tea Party. It was one of the first solo outings after the break up of Cream, for Eric Clapton. My friend Jim took these pictures.

Here's one I took of The Who at the Tea Party.

I want to thank the folks who comment here for all your kind words. They mean a lot.

I'm outta here.


  1. Your "point and shoot"pictures are more than usual - they are mostly exceptional because you have a "good eye." The majority of them are fine art - keep them! I enjoy your educational and entertaining videos too.

  2. Gloucester is correct spelling. (Spelling professor at work)

  3. Your photos are awesome in my opinion. Keep them. I'm a total point & shoot addict. I'm always whipping out my little Canon Power Shot and shooting everything in sight while riding in the car.

    Going through photo files can get really time consuming, can't it? Looking for one photo to post on a blog can keep you looking through pics for hours.

  4. Boston Boy, I love seeing the really old pictures. You are the same kind of photographer I am...just take a picture as best as you can at the time. I sure wish I knew better. My grandson has a degree in GIS and Meteorology....and he actually has been taking wedding and engagement photos and getting paid. Go figure. He saved a long time for a really expensive camera. Maybe when you retire, you can make extra by taking pictures too. I wish you the very best...some times retirement isn't what we dream about either. Blessings dear friend, xoxo, Susie

  5. blessings and season greetings......

    My heart goes out to all connected to the Boston Bombing. Its just crazy how other peoples choices impacts the life of others known and unknown. It just brings home how disconnected we are about how connected we truly are.

    May the souls of those passed rest in peace and the families force to endure their loss find peace.


    “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence”-Rabindranath Tagore