Wednesday, December 16, 2015

State lottery and other blather.

I don't say this to brag but Massachusetts has the second most successful state lottery in the country only behind New York. I will admit to buying a scratch ticket once in a while. Not often. Maybe once a year but for the most part your chance of winning are about as good as throwing your money out your car window while you're on the highway. My main beef is going into a small neighborhood store to pick up a loaf of bread instead of going to a supermarket to save 15 cents, unless I go to my local Italian bakery for some real good and fresh baked bread, but parking is an issue there. Most of these small stores have a table in the rear where people sit and scratch or stare at a screen with a bunch of numbers on a grid. I have no idea what they're playing and I don't care. The problem comes when your standing in line with your bread or whatever you want, cigarettes, newspaper, milk, items which are pretty quick transaction, and some pain in the neck gambler is asking the clerk, "Give me 4 #27's, 4 Big payouts, a quick pick, and 2 Scratch my Ass and win tickets. Then I want to play the daily numbers game with these numbers. Now I want to cash in these tickets that I won $2.00 on... " Then the next person does basically, the same thing. You can see the agitation on the customers faces who want to get in and get out and that includes me. These gamblers have basically taken the convenience out of convenience stores. 

I watched bits and pieces of the debate. Basically all politicians are just bad actors. In fact we had a real president who was an actor. It was on in the background I did like when Jeb Bush called Donald Trump "feckless". I must admit that I was impressed that Jeb was aware that Trump's feck levels were dangerously low. Maybe it's a medical condition that's treated with a drug like profeckohydrochloride. It's basically like inept. You have to be really ept in todays world.
"Let he who has no feck, cast the first stone."

I did like Trumps plan to deal with illegal immigration. If he were president he would make all illegal immigrants wear their hair like he does.

My family, Arlene and a friend all went out to dinner the other night. It's a Christmas thing. I was telling my boss about, it meaning to say " sisters, Arlene, a friend Dave and my brother-in-law Jim."
What I did say was"...Dave and my husband-in-law Jim." 
I took a lot of crap for that one. I really fecked up.

Okeydokey it's time to end this thing.
I'm outta here. 




  1. Boston Boy, Oh my had me laughing out loud here. You sound like me at the store...I see people go in and come out with a two handed soda pop (Gallon)..for crying out loud , cigs and lottery tickets. Then they get into a clunker car that smokes more than they do, when they drive off. LOL. Once I stopped in to get a bottle of pop, after shopping and had to open the thing and drink it in line waiting for those kinds of transactions. They need at least two for us and one for the , "I ain't got nothing better to do ", bunch. Thanks for the laughs and the chance to vent I guess. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

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  3. lottery *sigh* i always say i want to win but never buy, don't know how i'd manage that feat, unless of course am gifted with a ticket?

    Politics - all about who eloquently tells the best lies

  4. Oh I am laughing. Good post! I didn't see the debate. Husband inlaw? Are you starting a new trend? Maybe politicians get this feckle condition? I think Dave is a hoot from what I see him post on fb. Now to google profeckohydrochloride.

  5. Ha! Ha! You are really feckless or should I say full of feck. (I never have bought a lottery ticket and don't want one for a gift, either.) What a waste of money. All we have is all we need.

  6. I have to confess I have on occasion bought a lottery ticket , and won a few pounds. Good post made me laugh. Lovely to hear you all enjoyed a pre-Christmas dinner.
    Best Wishes