Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rainy Day

Just out of curiosity, have you ever written a post that for some reason always gets more looks every day than anything else you've written? I have one of those. I don't think it's anything special. It was just a recounting of an annoying experience concerning a flat tire. What happened to me was not anything that hasn't happened to anyone else when trying to deal with a business that doesn't have their act quite together. It was annoying and expensive and I ranted about it. It happened in 2012. It never got any more comments than the initial ones, but it always gets the most looks. Why? I don't know.

So what else is new? Nothing earth shattering. It was a busy week. I am in the middle of changing dentists. I had gone to a dental chain business who offered their services at a reduced rate. I should have known. I don't know if it's a regional chain or a national chain but as I have learned once again, you get what you pay for. I'm speaking of Aspen Dental. After promising my dental implants in 4 to 6 months on Oct. 31 2014 nothing has happened. Well nothing except one of the posts implanted in my jaw came out. I called and made an appointment only to find out that they can't do anything about it because their surgeon won't be back for a month. Why did they book me in the first place? He apparently goes from location to location and it takes a month for him to make all his rounds. I make another appointment. I go back a month later only to find and I quote, "That part of our business failed an inspection."

I told her that hearing that didn't fill me with confidence. I had two appointments in two months and nothing was done either time. I made another appointment reluctantly. Another month wait. Enough is enough. I went to a local private dental office and made an appointment. I had to get my x-rays from Aspen Dental. I went in this passed Friday. I first told them that I was cancelling my appointment, then I asked if I owed any money. I wanted to know if they charged me for my last two visits. If they did, I wasn't paying.

I didn't owe anything. I then asked for my x-rays and said, "... and I'm not coming back." So hopefully this will have a more positive outcome. I always avoid doing business big chains, though that's nearly impossible in most retail. I'll always go to a ma & pa coffee/donut/breakfast shop if they is among my choices. Dunkin' Donuts? It's like a disease around here. They are literally everywhere. There are about 58 Dunkin's in my city and the 3 cities that surround it. Starbucks? Not for me. There's one in the store where I work. Cambridge is the perfect city for Starbucks. Now I like Cambridge but there is a certain type of person here, one who's ancestors may have come over on the Mayflower, if ya know what I mean. It sometimes seems that some of them always smell something bad. Apart from that I do like the city. It's full of funky shops and beautiful homes and a lot of people, 100,000.
Here are some shots from a beautiful Sunday morning, June 2008 of some of the homes on Mt. Auburn Street, the road I take to work. On one side, the homes and the other the Charles River. There was little traffic as it was early.

I have a stack of discs from 2005-2009 when I started to take pictures and videos. I also found a bunch that I had uploaded to a "cloud" that I had forgotten about.
Here are some random fall shot from 2007-2008.


I also found this video I made in 2007. There's nothing special about it. It was a rainy day. I took a bunch of clips and strung them together. I was on the front porch, the side and the back. I then remembered a song called Rainy Day Dream Away and to my surprise it was only one second less than the video.

So that's it for now. This took me two days to put together and I enjoyed doing it.
I'm outta here.


  1. Love your rainy day video plus all of the wonderful autumn shots with all of the reflections! No too sure about the music on the video, though.

  2. I remember most of the pics. WE have a new Aspen Dental here in town. I haven't felt tempted...thank goodness.

  3. Aspen Dental has been very good to me here in WI. I love your photographs. You have a good eye. Not say'in your other one is bad. Oh you know what I mean ;-) Snow coming this Friday Sat and Sun...but first lots of rain which will turn into ice then snow atop. Not good. Maybe I will hybernate.

  4. Loved this whole post..the photos gorgeous and the info about ASPEN eye opening. I do hope you have good luck with your new dentist. I haven't heard anything too bad about ones here in Michigan and I do have friends who are going there. I think if there is a subject that some can relate to and had certain experience with that people will comment more. Recently I wrote at Wordpress about apt. living and upstairs people and downstairs people I got quite a few comments. I was surprised. I invited you to the facebook group where us SPACES people are. Hope to see you there. :-)

  5. Boston Boy, I swear when I read about that implant falling out I just wanted to know I am nuts when it comes to my teeth and the dentists...I know of that Aspen place, they are around here also..oh boy I would never go there. I feel that they owe you an implant...My sister who lives supper poorly...cause she never wanted to work...don't know why, I think she wanted men to take care of her..Sorry TMI Well she had her teeth pulled and dentures made and has yet to wear them, swearing they are not fitting right and not natural looking to her face. I think the dentist sends all this work to dental schools...know what I am saying. So some one who is just learning is making dentures for people ...YIKES.
    I love the rainy day video. I also love your fall pictures. You could do photography as a hobby....once you are fully retired. In the mean time, I am going to wish you the best at your dentist. Mine makes me crazy but I can not change, or I am scared to. LOL. Blessings to you and Arlene, xoxo,Susie

  6. Blast, I can not even prove read and get my spelling right...I meant to say, my sister lives SUPER poorly.xo,Susie

  7. You to live in a lovely area Paul..Love the pictures so colorful .
    Good luck with your dentist, my last appointment for a metal cap. Left me quite sore and a hefty bill.
    Sorry to say I can't seem to get the Rainy Day Video.
    Take Care.