Saturday, December 13, 2014

I drank too much. I think I'm gonna blog.

Well here it is. Just about like the last time. The last time I blogged. Another wild Saturday night. Just as aside, I couldn't imagine saying, "...the last time I blogged" 20 or 30 years ago. Who knew what a blog was? "Blogging" sounds like  what happens after a night of heavy drinking. "Oh man. I don't feel so good. I think I'm gonna blog." Actually, in that context, it's quite descriptive.

So here I go, without the aid of alcohol, I'm gonna blog. I, as with some of my entries here on Blogger, start writing not so much because I have something to say or tell, but because I just want to write. Some folks write something every day. I used to do that fairly often in the old days but now no so much. Still the old urge has struck again. Write On I say.

I'm still going through all my photos and videos. I'm a little upset that what I thought was disc full of photo from the Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island turned out to be blank. I hope I have them squirreled away someplace. Tomorrow or today, depending on when I finish writing this, Arlene and I will watch the Patriots game and then go to the local zoo in the next town over because it's supposed to be all lit up Christmas like. You know, lights on antlers, a wreath on the rhino horn. We went a few years back. It's not a great zoo but it's not far and it's not real expensive. We then plan to grab a bite to eat. Grabbing a bite to eat is not as expensive as going out to dinner.

A few years back we went to a zoo called Southwick Animal Farm or something like that. I may or may not have shown it in the past.
I think it was 2009. It's not a masterpiece. It opens with a miner bird saying hello, then on to the elephant and so on. We also took a ride on a ski lift like contraption that took us around the park from above. A lot of it looks like a bad 1960's travelogue.
And another video I know I posted a while back was taken in New Hampshire at the home of friends. These people lived around here and grew up around here. Over the years they worked and saved and bought some land in New Hampshire. Over the next few years they built a log cabin inspired house then moved north. Every year they have a gathering of the hometown crew in New Hampshire. I have no idea how much land they own but it sure looks like a lot. There is another house close by but there aren't many. It turned out this particular day was sunny and pleasant. Complete with a nearby stream. Kathy & Dennis worked hard for this place and lifestyle. Dennis repaired oil burners and Kathy had various jobs. They turned all that hard work into this place.

That's it. I'm done and it's still Saturday night! I don't know whether to fall asleep on the couch or lie awake in bed.

Lo sono fuori di qui.
That's Italian for...
I'm outta here. 


  1. Enjoyed your videos and all your posts. Write on is good. Writing gives a connection with friend bloggers. Have a good night and a better day to tomorrow. "See ya" that's midwestern for bye for now.

  2. Nancy truly understands what it is about writing. I like that she uses the word "connection" as that's why I write. Connecting with oneself or connecting with others is very well achieved with writing. I like your videos.
    Lo sono fuori di qui!

  3. Boston Boy, I did tour the Vanderbilt Manson in Newport R.I. I loved it. Talk about rich, I still can't believe the copper cookware in that place. Heavenly rooms, not just the walls but the ceilings and woodwork. I'd love to see it again one day. I feel that blogging is showing parts of our lives to others and seeing their lives also. Making friends. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie